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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I AM the Voice

I AM the Voice of a people.

I Am the Voice of gentle awakening.

I Am the VOICE of remembrance.

I Am the Voice reminding you.

I Am the Voice you have been waiting for.

I AM the Voice that speaks to your heart.

I AM the Voice that rekindles LOVE.

I AM the Voice of the ages.

I AM the Voice that calls to you.

I AM the Voice of your knowing.

Hear my Voice and you will Know.

Blessings and hugs,

Amazing Art and Inspiration by Danel B Holeman

Monday, January 07, 2008

The tone of 2008. . .

Where is it I AM not, for I AM everywhere

Who is it I AM not, for I AM everyone

Within the silence there is music, it is not to hear but feel
touching the potential. . . there arises form
reach out your heart for it is there I AM

Clay in the sculptor's hand is but a pulse of music
flowing through the soul

If you wait it is there, if you create it is here
send forth the knowing and know

In your tears there are oceans yet unborn
In your words there are wings unfurled
In you there is that which I AM

Look not with your eyes but see with the being of Love

There cannot be more than this for I AM All That IS.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


...and as such, you are here to use your light to heal,
transform and transfigure
anything unlike peace, love, harmony and goodwill.

That we all may have
moments of peace
...and more peace.

Rather than impose your will upon conditions of lack, disease or suffering.

...choose instead to think, feel and emote
from an outcome in which
anything unlike what is preferred
simply does not exist.

It cannot exist
in your experience
if you decide to
not entertain it.

In doing so, you create
a Quantum overlay of
preferred possibilities & probable futures.

You are the Light of the World
You do not need
the World's permission
to shine your light
upon the dark.

The light releases you from joining others in
seductive, lower energy vibrations.

Use your light to simply
transform lower energies.

This is how you heal yourself
...and the World.

This is how you create moments of peace
...and more peace still.

Light cannot injure light.
Light is injured by nothing.

Light heals all.

In the midst of shining your light
you are immune to lower energies.

You don't heal people
by getting them to "get it."

You don't heal unwanted situations with people
by "teaching them a lesson."

Just stand in the midst of all that you resist
and instead of letting judgment take you over,
put your entire focus upon the Light.
The Light will prevail.

You don't have to do
anything more than this.

Bringing peace to the World
is what you are here to do.
Just Shine Your Light

You know where your inner
Light switch is...
Turn it on!

You heal and transform
the entire World around you
by turning ON your light!

You don't have to warn the darkness
that you are coming
with the light.

Just Shine Your Light!

You are the Light of the World.

And so it is...

© 2005 Heart Productions & Publishing - Mary Robinson Reynolds
(used by permission)

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A Cosmic Reminder
As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
In the stillness of all that you are resides the truth of the matter, resides the truth of earth and heart. It is in within the stillness that you will find the bioluminescent that you need to become. The Light within the cell structure of your being shifts in luminance as a deep-water fish. Visualize your DNA becoming bio- luminescent, glowing in the liquid center of your cells, ebbing and flowing.

The light that you so seek has become activated. You have cleared the debris from the landing field of your soul and self. You have announced to all the molecular content of your being will be light. You have come into the center of the Universe that you represent. Slipping through the shackles that you have worn as adornments.

We are the Council of She. We come from the past and the present simultaneously. We sit at the intersection of time awaiting a doorway to remind you that within you is both she and he, the God and the Goddess. When the goddess (God in Us) is activated it has no gender, no specifications. The doorways of the past now shut very quickly. You look back (hoping not to turn to salt) to find who your were but all has been shifted the landscape has been cleared showing a new shoreline.

When You came to earth you told the universe that you were capable, and not to worry you would get the job done. Being earthen a great denseness befell you. Your light shifted and your contracts became a burden. In that burden, you lost your lust. You lost your passion. You lost your drive. You find that very little of earth fulfils you. You want to be happy in your light work. You want to be happy in your healing work. You want to be happy in your life, but you have lost the pizzazz. You have lost your passion. These contracts and burdens that you carry upon your shoulders are like honey buckets from an oriental lifetime filled with what needs to be disposed.

You try to birth yourself anew everyday yet no one applauds your cosmic completions, your human revelations, and your accomplishments. Where is the applause? Where is the acknowledgement your soul seeks? A Great Depression has befallen the human race, a planetary sadness a giving up before the tides turn. This energy comes from a DNA remembrance of a time that is aligned with the three falls of Atlantis. A time when you tried so hard to lift the world, to lift the light, to lift others to a point of safety, and you did not succeed. Lifetime after lifetime, existence after existence you have given yourself 100% and you have not seen the completion of the contract.

We the Council of She ask you to take it to the limit one more time. We send you comets asteroids solar flares and energies from newly birthed stars. We sent you postcards from Sirius, from the Pleiades, from Arcturus and Andromeda. We send you etchings from the green grass and signature songs from the birds. We do it all for you. To keep you from giving up, for you are the hope of the planet. You are the ones who have never given up, even though they wanted to. In this lifetime you come to clear on a cellular level the three falls of Atlantis. Not only earth Atlantis, but the destruction of the star Atlantis and the energies that befell it.

You are going to find that the God that you have worshiped, the God that you have bowed down to, the God that you have prayed to is but a sectional God. You have seen known and experienced but one slice of that pie of light. We ask you to be the captains of your ship, the master of your soul. You are not intended to go down with the sinking ship in this incarnation. This is the one time and the one place that you have awaited. The universe is about to unzip its limitations and open up for you to see exactly what needs to be birthed. The vibrations that come to you already cause confusion within the brain. There is so many levels of communication that you are hearing, on so many levels of light, you are seeing, on so many levels of heart, you are experiencing, so many levels of dark that you are vanquishing all in the same breathe, in the same day, in the same thought.

Each singularity that you are is divided into millions of components. That is approximately how many components you have within each thought. Each one of your thoughts is touching everything. Everything through your past, everything through your blood and your family history, everything through the stars, everything through the universe and all time all space and all dimensions. You are the place that life intersects life.

If you could see the fabric of light that you come forth from, if you could know the history around each of you, you would understand that there is no failings, there is no shortcomings. Always you have lasted until the last minute and never have you given up even when the universe did not show itself to you, even when your people were not saved, even when you could not heal your tribe, even when disaster happened. You believed.

We know that you have many disappointments and angers at the Creator. We know that sometimes you feel your prayers have not been answered. We know that you feel as though you have been discarded and deserted, but that cannot happen. You know that you are never alone. We ask you to take it to the limit one more time for all that you have ever believed in and everything that you could not prove. We are the Council of SHE. We are contained within you, as you are contained within us. We are an ocean and you are the streams and the creeks and the rivers and the ponds that we open our arms and our hearts to. We ask you whenever you get tired and you want to quit earth, just think for a moment upon creation and see it as an ocean and dive into it. Just for a little while, lose yourself, come home. We leave you with a knowing that is stronger then anything that you have encountered.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217
Dandridge, Tennessee 37725-0217


It's as if I have a memory so deeply held, so cherished, that it flows into me at odd moments -
surprising, yet calming in it's reminder - not unlike a tree branch softly brushing against the window in a faint breeze.

It comes from nowhere, from no thought. . .
"How did I get to be this age?"

Age of any kind is unknown to me.

Who I am is ageless Being unbounded by earth-human
appearances and declines.

I have no will to accept this concept, this program of age, yet it seems the way of Beings here. It is not a program I wish to embrace any longer. A great deal of what is "here" I no longer wish to embrace.

There is a place. . .or a space. . .where the truth of me resides in both vitality and wisdom, and I would wish not for one without the other. There is a purposeful stride, a hearty laugh and an ever delighted search for the next adventure.

This is what I know of me.

The essence of me seems in conflict with the physical. . .
I will not have it.

For what indistinguishable purpose do I stay?

For you.

Yes, you are what I stay for.

Just to see the stars that gleam in your eyes, the openness of your heart, the great willingness of you to allow me into the divinely sacred place that is you. It is for your laughter, your tears, your playfulness, the unqualified brilliance and inquisitiveness of your mind.

Above all else, it is the unmeasured love you offer to all.

There can be no other reason.

It is you.

Each of you.
All of the yous in my path.

There is such great love for you here. . .

Endless and beyond, beyond


**Art by Josephine Wall

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