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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

by Shirl

I wonder if there is anything more difficult than attempting to answer the question of what one believes in the spiritual sense of things. A little less difficult but equally challenging is an explanation of how we got to that belief.

As I pondered what it is I personally believe and how I could possibly convey it I came to this:
I believe in MORE. I have an unwavering belief that there is more. I have always believed in more, and that more is all encompassing. I see, experience, feel and believe that there is more to everything.

In my endless curiosity here I have seen it over and over again. There is more. My theory of more postulated to myself has proved itself out a million, million times in every area of life and experience. There is more to science, there is more to art, there is more to music, there is more to sound, there is more to sight, there is more to literature, there is more to feeling, there is more to understanding, there is more to pain, there is more to discomfort, there is more to greed, there is more to detachment, there is more to love, there is more to hate, there is more to fear, there is more to blissfulness, there is more to beauty, there is more to reality, more to the earth, more to space, more to time, more to the universe, more to the multi-verse, more to all of creation that I have yet to discover and once discovered to understand.

And beyond that more, there is more. Never once have I been proven to be mistaken in this, there is more to everything we can comprehend and perceive than we CAN comprehend and perceive. It is the pre-imminent truth in my life. There is more.

In my journey to understand more, I have come to see that everything is encompassed in the spiritual. Going to your job everyday, sitting alone in your room, digging in dumpsters for some scraps of food or useful items, anything and everything we do. . .all of it is spiritual. We are spiritual beings, all of us. We are on a spiritual journey, all of us. How we choose to experience that journey, what purpose or lack of purpose we find along the way, is truly ours to create in every moment of now.

MORE tells me that there are more ways to have this human experience than there are beings on the planet and as each new being arrives there is indeed a new more that comes in with them. Every journey is unique just as every individual is unique.

From my view of things, it is never possible to say to another that their way is the wrong way. It is certainly very tempting for us to do so, especially when we feel that our way is producing a much more enjoyable or less stressful path. Whatever one gets from their belief system that brings them joy and happiness, that makes their life worthwhile to them. . .that then, is obviously the right choice of a path for them along their journey.

I see that what I give to others purely from my heart comes back to me as more. I see when I have no plan to get anything from others, but give to others what I feel to give, it is always returned to me as more. For me, the understanding that there is more is the most comforting, loving and expansive belief that I can hold.

May your lives contain MORE than you ever imagined possible.

LOVE is all there is.



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