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Tuesday, January 01, 2008


It's as if I have a memory so deeply held, so cherished, that it flows into me at odd moments -
surprising, yet calming in it's reminder - not unlike a tree branch softly brushing against the window in a faint breeze.

It comes from nowhere, from no thought. . .
"How did I get to be this age?"

Age of any kind is unknown to me.

Who I am is ageless Being unbounded by earth-human
appearances and declines.

I have no will to accept this concept, this program of age, yet it seems the way of Beings here. It is not a program I wish to embrace any longer. A great deal of what is "here" I no longer wish to embrace.

There is a place. . .or a space. . .where the truth of me resides in both vitality and wisdom, and I would wish not for one without the other. There is a purposeful stride, a hearty laugh and an ever delighted search for the next adventure.

This is what I know of me.

The essence of me seems in conflict with the physical. . .
I will not have it.

For what indistinguishable purpose do I stay?

For you.

Yes, you are what I stay for.

Just to see the stars that gleam in your eyes, the openness of your heart, the great willingness of you to allow me into the divinely sacred place that is you. It is for your laughter, your tears, your playfulness, the unqualified brilliance and inquisitiveness of your mind.

Above all else, it is the unmeasured love you offer to all.

There can be no other reason.

It is you.

Each of you.
All of the yous in my path.

There is such great love for you here. . .

Endless and beyond, beyond


**Art by Josephine Wall


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