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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The New Day Has Dawned!

November 11, 2010

Dawn of the Seventh Day

"...and God rested upon the seventh day from all His works." Genesis 2:2.

So here we stand (sit or sleep ; ) on 11:11, the next to last stargate portal of 2010, and at the entrance of the Galactic 7th Day…full of anticipation, excitement, bewilderment, and a childlike curiosity of what's to come.

Mixed in with those feelings, may be a hint of fear for the unknown and some tiny lingering doubts of our power, our capability, and maybe even some shreds of residual distrust in the unfolding of our new lives according to the divine plan...or maybe you are too tired to care about any of it.

Overall, we have become masters of navigating with our multidimensional senses and as a result, we are finally beginning to see, feel and taste the ripening fruits of our long-toiled labors as the many disparate parts of our once-separated selves fuse together for our next steps into unity consciousness...the next dimensional timeline of co-creation.

For those who are engaging in the new timeline (the new wave of energy that is lifting the planet and her people to a state of grace), you will have a front row seat at the show, so to speak. -Pleiadian High Council

The unseens are saying that the 7th day of the Mayan Calendar (which began on November 3 and lasts one year) holds tremendous potential for all of planet earth, but for those who have been consciously navigating the path as forerunners, I am told that this group specifically will be responsible for "unlocking the first of heaven's seven gates".

We have said countless times that you are those who have been engaged in the front line of service, and for that reason, you are also those who will walk first thru the gate and into the light of the new day with your heads held high. - PHC

They are regarding the 7th day as the pinnacle of development for the increasing vibration on earth that has been evolving and expanding since January 3, 1999. During all of the shifts and escalations of consciousness since that time period, and since we have been wiping the sleep from our eyes, it has become increasingly more obvious that we have been waiting for the 7th Day as the time when integrated co-creation is finally possible. This day, according to the Pleiadian High Council, is "a time of feminine and masculine balance and when those on the path of higher consciousness achieve the physical manifestations of their sacred intentions."

Diagnostic Testing

Throughout most of October, after we emerged on the other side of the 10/10/10 portal, we were launched into what the PHC referred to as our "diagnostic testing" period in preparation for the final gateway of this year on 12/12…how did you fare?

The overriding purpose of this testing period was to see how we handled the incredible frequencies of home for an extended period of time…those energies which are experienced as bliss, creativity, centeredness and non-polarized joy thru a purified body. This was a three week window by which we were able to notice how well we balanced the new energies in a grounded and spiritually responsible way (the focused co-creative blend of male/female energies)…and if we were capable of fully integrating this level of joy in our mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

At best, you may have been completely immersed in a 3-week (fast moving & nearly symptom free) virtual reality of your new life …with extended periods of what my sister Kim coined as…"ascension amnesia". These are those periods of alignment when you are so immersed in the new energies that you COMPLETELY forget about the last 10 years of brutality. Its like the memory of suffering has just been erased from our hard drive. Thank GOD-DESS for that upgraded feature.

At the least, you may have experienced some random "bliss-bunnies", moments of "all is well", waves of creativity trying to push thru the dense goo, and a sudden, tho not constant, appreciation for your life just as it is…intermingled with the ups and downs of the process and the usual clearing symptoms.

Or maybe an amalgamation of both...

For me, these energies manifested as an INTENSE three weeks of grounded vitality and productivity focused on completing old business and aligning more of my external reality with the visions and intentions of my new life. It felt very unusual for me because as a cosmic correspondent, I usually need to keep my head stationed in the clouds and my feet securely fastened on the earth...but for those 3 weeks, I had no interest in anything off-world.

It almost felt like I was gifted with a final blast of the physical fuel and clarity required to deal with some very practical stuff…like back taxes (eeks)…and just in the nick of time because we are very obviously being completely squeezed out of our old lives. I literally managed to accomplish more in those three weeks than I have in the last 5 earth years…tho honestly (and secretly) while waiting for that other shoe to drop : (( …and it definitely did, but those three weeks were well worth it : ))

Eventually tho, every week will be like those three…imagine what we will be able to accomplish!

New Teachers, Leaders & Visionaries

The current state of the masses is still largely one of fear, limitation, and separation from our true limitless source of creative potential and abundance. During the 7th day, those who feel called to active service by way of new earth leadership (world teachers, leaders in all sects of society, guides, visionaries, etc) will be afforded the opportunity to step further into the limelight, into a position of greater global influence to expose the truth of creation, of human limitlessness, on a grander scale.

This group of pioneering souls will soon be operating from a much larger platform, and from this period forward, the next wave of leaders (Indigo-Crystals) who are called to service will be magnetically drawn to your works, visions and new earth creations in a way that will inspire, uplift and assist in determining the path of each and every individual who strives to achieve full-human potential for the planetary ascension.

(NOTE: The Pleiadians are careful to say that those who are publicly positioned as the living examples of truth will not be bombarded, or overcome with burden and responsibility... but that you will suddenly become desirous of a more public persona if this is your role. They mention this as reassurance that if you are currently feeling overwhelmed with biological purification/physical integration symptoms, and the thought of this is daunting, that this next step will align perfectly with radiant health and vitality.)

I am also hearing that what will happen within the remaining weeks of this year (and with the support of Venus/Jupiter turning direct on 11/18) will be quite miraculous…some (with more public roles) will be catapulted to positions of influence nearly overnight, and many more will be blindsided by new opportunities that will seemingly arise out of thin air. For those who are well aware of your next moves, you too will have some unplanned surprises.

There will be moments of awe as we meet up with more new/old members of our soul families (these relationships/connections will come in MANY forms)…our brothers and sisters of divine heritage who have come forth to work together with us, so that we may support each other in implementing our new-earth endeavors.

The PHC say that "this is a very exciting time by which those who are positioned as new earth leaders in many different fields will finally have the leverage, support, connectivity, technology and influence to attract the focus of the masses (think social media), just as those who are false leaders will continue to be wildly exposed for their true intentions."

Never in our played-out patriarchal his-tory has there been a more ripe potential for massive planetary change... and each of us have been witnessing the fall out of an outworn system while simultaneously laboring to birth a new system of true sustainability since 1999. Due, in part, to our many selfless years of clearing work, world dominance from the western (masculine) hemisphere of the global brain is rapidly drawing to a close to make way for a whole new context in our world systems...(government, industry, economy, etc.)…one that is based in transparency, integrity and the needs of the people. Imagine that.

Sacred Counterparts

For those sole sojourners out there…making this heinous trek alone...this just in:

"Furthermore, we would like to remind those longing for their soul companions to rest assured that the love brought forth by the community of light thru the merging of sacred feminine and masculine energies will ensure the reuniting of your counterparts. In many situations, you already know these souls well, however in differing relationships. Take note of sudden changes in your feelings and associations with those already known to you. Together, you will co-create, and in some cases, pro-create, in divine union, harmony and enlightened love." -PHC

Sweeping the Floors

There is no doubt left that there is an overwhelming sense of completion in the air…the wrapping up of many internal & external affairs that will continue to take precedence as the month moves on. These events are precipitated by universal endings/beginnings and are required for us to move forward...past the mis-creations of our once separated consciousness.

As we continue to finalize the past we have also been simultaneously creating in the new energies. While we traverse this overlap period, it has been quite a balancing act of going back and forth between worlds…finishing up the past and immersing ourselves more and more into our newly created futures.

It's kind of like that crazy period between a new and old residence. The universe has given us the keys to our new place so we can move our furniture and boxes and get a feel for what it will be like to live there... and our landlord has been kind enuf to give us an extra weekend to move everything out of our old apartment. We are not fully in our new home, but not fully in the old either…but really, all we have left to do is sweep the floors and discard the last remnants of what we choose not to take with us to our new lives.

In many cases, this in between space may mean finishing up outworn relationships/wrapping up a divorce, finalizing outstanding financial/legal matters, terminating old businesses/biz partnerships, careers, actual relocations, etc., while simultaneously starting new relationships/friendships/courtships, creating/starting a new business/career, and receiving new ideas & potential opportunities for financial security.

It's a busy time, and we need to keep both worlds in balance while we continue to make the complete transition. In this final hour, and as a gift for our futures, those things that are in need of resolution are still front and center, requiring our attention so that we can seal off those old energies…for good.

This is tricky right now because we are undergoing a very physical integration period from the vibrational bump up to the 7th day and the 11/11 frequencies...which can make it difficult to even get out of bed..but come the middle-end of the month, we will begin moving forward again into the new territory with greater mental expansion and fuller integration of our spiritual-human selves.

If you've done the work to unbridle yourself from old obligatory energies, then come the 12/12 portal of completion, there will be nothing left to hinder you, bring you back to the old, or block you from experiencing the full effect of the inspirational-based energies.

Dare we say that this Christmas may gift us with the best present possible?

Physical Happenings

OMG, yes, we are still undergoing massive biological reconstruction as enormous changes continue to take place in our physical bodies...even our cells are no longer able to operate as they used to. As always, this process can cause great challenges and make it very difficult (read: impossible) to stay in our center. It's not that these increasing frequencies are going to let up per say, but that our bodies are becoming more capable to integrate them…tho you'd never convince me of that.

One of the reasons for the often unbearable aches and pains is because we are entering the realm of galactic consciousness...a state of telepathic union with our star brothers and sisters and those of the higher dimensions. To work closely with these energies and beings requires that we are purified on every level which ultimately results in our cells' ability to hold more light, to mutate and self-heal from a genetic level. OUCH.

For the last few months, and in addition to the smorgasbord of the usual symptoms, there has been an unrelenting concentration of intensified aches and pains that seem to be "centering" around the spine.

This is nothing to fear, in fact, it is something to celebrate since our vital life force (Kundalini) is working feverishly to burn off all remaining layers of discord in preparation for the completion of our sacred union with the divine. (The positive and negative charges of kundalini energy move through the chakras and around the spine to the head (pineal/pituitary) where cosmic consciousness occurs as a result of the merging of the two opposing energy streams...the sacred marriage, where the divine feminine & masculine become one.) So think of this pain as the ultimate wedding gift : ))

Integration Technique

For the battle worn, and those who are finding it particularly difficult to integrate these energies on a physical level, the Pleiadians recommend a balancing technique that will assist in grounding these high frequencies with greater ease.

The pushing and pulling force of our mental meddling can slow down the healing process and block the flow which causes these energies to get stuck or lodged in our cells. They say that we can greatly decrease the discomfort by surrendering/accepting the process and getting out of our own let the energies "do their thang", without resistance or attachment. (yes, they make it sound so easy)

They say this simple technique (used regularly) will help to maintain equilibrium in our cells:

  • First, get comfortable…you can sit or lay down, whichever suits you. Take a deep cleansing breath in and exhale slowly.
  • Next, envision a (coaxial : ) cord of light descending down into the top of your head, thru your spine and plugged into the earths core.
  • Once this cord firmly anchored and running thru the center of your physical being, release yourself from your physical body and observe it objectively. (this part of the technique allows you to remove your perception of the energy which enables it to flow without resistance, increasing the rate of physical integration and lessening the discomfort of it)
  • Try to see yourself downloading these high vibrational frequencies through this cord of light that anchors you into physical reality (if you have a hard time seeing yourself, put yourself in a funny costume : ))

NOTE: You can also open up and direct the flow of energy in those areas that are causing you most discomfort. (These areas of discomfort are those that are still holding some 3d dimensional debris in need of transmutation)

  • After a few minutes you should begin to feel some relief in your body, if not, keep at it until you notice a significant change, even if it is just your state of mind that shifts. When you do, jump back in that (inflated) flesh suit, take a deep breath, and come back to...reality?

By removing ourselves from the process, we are enabling a smoother transition as the energies to work to resolve emotional issues and heal our cellular tissues without mental interference. The pushing and pulling of energy that happens when we are mentally involved in the healing process slows down the rate of transmutation a great deal so

engaging in this visualization a few times a day (to keep the energies moving) is more efficient than engaging in it only when discomfort arises.

This clearing technique should be viewed more as energetic hygiene, a way to keep the body continually clear of discordance and mental resistance to the process.

If this technique alone does not bring you enuf relief, one or all three of these should do the trick:

  1. light stretching or a walk (in nature if possible) to assist detoxification
  2. yoga to stimulate endocrine system and balance hormones (the endocrine system consists of our thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, adrenal, pineal, and reproductive glands)
  3. or an Epsom salt/clay bath to assist in detox and soak the pain out of muscles

Bottom line: our bodies really need our love right now.

Separation of Worlds

As we enter this new cycle of transformation (the 7th day), we are literally pioneering a period in which an enhanced human species will give birth to itself. In may ways, the road splits here and those who are ready to move forward into a new earth will come together in community and shared resources to bathe in the light of higher-dimensional dwelling and the co-creation of a new paradigm. These souls will be the living examples of "what's next" on our human-galactic evolutionary journey.

Those who have not yet completed the vibrational work to unlock the galactic codes required to access this new domain are not going away or leaving our lives per say…they are simply being given another opportunity, through karmic cycling, to move forward and choose a higher path. Keep in mind that this is not a linear process (as in first/last), and we are not waiting for others to "catch up," so to speak.

In many cases, those souls seemingly "behind" were actually holding down the forts, waiting for us…to go first. Some of these characters in our lives were merely playing the part of antagonist, anchor or support system for us to blindly make this journey…alone.

As a result, it may become obvious how some friends, family, coworkers, etc. may be suddenly finding themselves back at the beginning of their journey again…like a 1 step forward, 2 steps back scenario...not quite landing where they thought they would or intended to.

This is all part of the perfect timing in the "game" we are playing and nothing to be bummed out about. Truthfully, if I had to do this all again, I would definitely go next to last ; )) Besides, with the compression of time, the next turn on the collective karmic wheel will be equivalent to 5 minutes in earth time ; ))

In other words we are all exactly where we should be.

Catch you on the flip side,
Lauren Cargo

Friday, March 19, 2010


It is difficult to imagine anything that is more encased in myth and fairy tales than our society's construct of romantic relationships. We will meet "THE ONE" and fall in love and live happily ever after. With more than half of marriages ending in divorce these days it is stunning that we still insist on preserving this myth.

In my understanding of my truths relationships offer us the greatest opportunities for growth as humans, angels in embodiment. Not just romantic relationships but family, friends, co-workers, all relationships between individuals.

Speaking to romantic relationships we have got it mostly wrong. And consciously awake, Lightworkers, if you will, and their clamoring for union with their Twin Flames. . .are not knowing and understanding the depth of that aspect of our beingness. It is my knowing that most of our aspects we identify as Twin Flames are NOT in embodiment at this time. Most of our longing for that "other part" of us is not about meeting another human here in body that will bring us happiness and fulfill our every fantasy of love. Our true longing is to become "WHOLE." And that, dear hearts, is the process of merging with our higherselves. That is the process of loving ourselves totally and completely for who we are becoming. Who we are now. Who we have been during our expression of the physical, mental, spiritual, etheric in this lifetime or any other. There is no "other" here or "out there" that can or will complete us except us.

We have a very elementary outstanding of what love is. We often talk about there being something called "Unconditional Love" which we differentiate from romantic love. Love is truly all encompassing, there is no difference in love. Truly. There is love with physical intimacy but at its depth it must truly be unconditional. There is no "off button" or "on button" for love. There is deep abiding love with or without physical, sexual expression. When we actually learn to love self and then expand that to "Love others as you love yourself" it brings us to the beginning of expanding into real love for all. Not the intellectualized version of love but the true, deep heart center love for all of creation and all beings within that creation.

We have physical vibrational energy attractions to others. We may choose to act on them or not in an intimate and sexual way. If that attraction then leads us to the thing we call "falling in love" we may then agree to become partners for a time. What most of us, and it is mainly women, do is have wild fantasy expectations of our partner that they will become some wonderful version of what or who we want them to be. The truth is the person you see before you right now is who that person is. The only ways in which they will change are the ways that THEY desire to change. Their growth or lack of it is totally their choice and is none of our business. WE CANNOT CHANGE ANOTHER PERSON! Nor do we have the right to attempt to change them. If we are confident enough to negotiate different behaviors with each other in a loving and considerate way and we are willing to and desire to agree on ways we each might benefit from some compromise, that is a choice to make change. Demanding anything from another because it is what WE want from them not only will not work it is an insult to the sovereignty of the other's being. It cannot work.

When we are in the throes of emotion and physical attraction we seldom have the necessary conversations with the object of our affection that tell them specifically who we are and in return they share with us who they are. When we know who each of us are, only then can we make an informed decision about how we will choose to define our relationship. The person in front of you is who they are. The changes they may make are THEIR choice, not yours.

We do not grow and advance at the same rates nor in the same directions. By intent and desire sometimes one partner chooses to accelerate growth at a much greater speed than the other. Sometimes we grow in very different directions. Some are resistant to growth of any type. So. . .knowing that, how foolish is it that we pledge ourselves to commitments of "Until Death Do Us Part?" And how predictable is it that most will not complete that commitment?

I will use myself as an example. In my past relationships I held the concept I could justify my relationship with someone by all the "potential" I saw in them. How arrogant! I just thought for certain that if they lived with me day in and day out eventually they would see that the way I handled situations, the way I thought and behaved, the things I aspired to would somehow magically become imprinted on them and they would become. . .what?. . .another version of me? . . .a better version of them? Arrogant!

When I had the opportunity to live alone for nearly 10 years and do the important work on myself I came to understand how totally ignorant I had been about relationships. I came to understand that I was not honoring the other person for who they are but for who I hoped they would become. Each of us has the right to be who we are. Each of us must spend the time and effort to discover who it is we truly are. From that place of knowing (the good, the bad, the ugly) we then can choose who WE wish to become. Who we are becoming is more important than anything else we intend.

In the wonderful experience I was given in writing my book I was given the opportunity to meet and interact with my Twin Flame. Something that was more astonishing to me than anything I have ever experienced. As the writing progressed I had actual interactions at some level of physical experience with this divine being. I was awestruck. I could barely comprehend how this was possible but it was as real as me sitting next to you in physical person. Prior to this experience I was not exactly certain just what this "Twin Flame" that many spoke of really was or is. Certainly I had read many things about it. I knew quite a few others who were in constant "begging" of the Universe or Source to reunite them with their twin flame in this physical life. . .where was he or she? I did not rule out the existence of such, but I just was rather uncertain that there was such a thing as a Twin Flame. I was not one who was asking for a physical Twin Flame to show up on my doorstep. I wasn't sure they actually existed. So, yes, I was knocked off my feet by my meeting and experience.

Over months of these interactions and daily conversations with this divine one I was told that she and I were integrating, combining, become one with each other. It was a transformational experience of extraordinary proportions. We remain individualized yet truly integrated in oneness. I doubt there are words to fully or even surfacely describe it.

But it is. I am the new person that I have become because of it.

When I chose to enter into my new relationship here in the physical, it was and is with full knowledge of what I have learned. There is no forever more or death do us part. Of course we will be forever with each other in whatever means and purpose that might be, probably most certainly not in the relationship manner that we feel we are currently in.

Everything I do and say I bring from my deepest heart center of Universal Unconditional Love. I have become one who lives in my heart center. I do not get caught up in trivial, unimportant things that may not be the way I would choose to do something. I have full allowing of my partner to be who she truly is in all that encompasses. I also am in full allowing of me being who I am. I honor her individuality. She honors mine, which is amazing in as much as I am one of those "crazy, woo woo, New Age, Metaphysical weirdos" and she is not. We have many complementary things about our personalities/beingness. We have many very different aspects of ourselves that could be seen as opposite. I have no requirement that she be anything other than who she is. I explained to her very early on who I am and what is important to me and that my spiritual seeking and expressions will not ever be less than the most important thing in my life. She has accepted that. We don't pick at each other's differences. We allow them.

I entered this relationship saying this is what it is for today. Each hour of each day it is what it is and what joy, comfort and pleasure it brings us. I have forecast nothing beyond today, this hour, this moment, this NOW. Our devotion and intent that our love grow and expand in our highest and best good is very strong. We do not speculate on how many days, weeks, months or years that may encompass. It is wonderfully what it is today. Now. And we know full well there is nothing beyond NOW.

Where your focus is will determine how you experience everything in life on this planet. I focus on the wonderful, the miraculous, the joyful, the beauty, the peace, the contentment, the ever expanding love. When it comes to my partner I focus on all that is positive and admirable, all that is beautiful, fun, interesting, praise worthy and I forget about anything that is not in alignment with that. What you focus on is what you get. The law of attraction in action. What you focus on is what you get. Each of us must KNOW this in our deepest heart and soul. We choose what we focus on. We choose millions of times each day what we will focus on. What we focus on is what we get.

Our focus is what determines our vibrational energy. We can have whatever we want if that is what we focus on. And we can have whatever we don't want if that is what we focus on. It could not be more simple. But to intellectualize that concept and not encompass it and integrate it into our heart center will not serve us. You cannot think this, you must become this. I AM BECOMING LOVE. Love is my focus. What I focus on is what I get.

So in our ongoing releasing of things that no longer serve us. . .all those things that trigger irritation, all those things that others do or say that we feel opposed to. . . we release our resistance to things that are not our way of doing or being. We release them and understand with love that that is just where the other is, that is just where they are along their path of growth and advancement. We love them and we do not focus on where we disagree or feel in opposition to them, we release our resistance. We let go of all those old trigger reactions, we heal the experiences that brought the triggers into place in the first place, and we just let go of them. When our focus is on Love and all things positive we serve the highest and best of all creation. We absolutely get what we focus on.

We can re-act or we can act. Our actions in love from our purist and deepest heart center are always right. Always. Reactions usually take us down a less positive and less productive path.

Blessings and love for your continued actions in love and caring for others,

Endlessly I AM


Monday, December 14, 2009

from Shirl

What does it mean? This 12:12 and the 12:21, what do they mean?

What is it that is inherent in these elegant and exquisite energies?

We have benefited from many messages the past few weeks that have talked in detail of the various components of the energies. Read them again, or recall them in your mind/heart. Consider what has been offered for our understanding.

Then know this: The over-lighting theme of all the layers contained within these energies is TRUST.

You must have and maintain an overwhelming trust of your knowing. What you know at your deepest knowing is not those multitude of facts and figures and emotions of the intellectual mind. You know only from your heart center. What is contained in your intellect is extraneous. This can be very difficult for many to grasp, let alone willingly shift to the place of knowing rather than rely upon the intellectual mind. It is counter to all that we were taught and all that has been described to us as the way we must be here as humans.

Knowing comes from our connection to higher energy, to higher-self, to creator source. If we have done the work of self-examination, of learning who we truly are, we are able to open our arms and hearts to deeply love the truth of who we are. From love of self comes all love. From Love comes all knowing.

There are no steps one through 12 that we must take, no incantations, no rituals, no ceremonies necessary. When we KNOW from our hearts and we TRUST that we are who we are whatever we envision is possible and does indeed manifest into our now moment.

What I was told: Forget everything you ever learned about spiritual concepts, ways and means, rites, rituals, and steps. Forget everything about everything. . .that the earth turns on its axis, that the sun rises in the East, that gravity holds our physical presence on this planet. . .everything. Move into your heart so you may KNOW.
Follow your knowing. Understand that possibilities are endless and potential is limitless. There is nothing that is actually linear. Erase your concerns with the concept of linear "time." For you hold all the answers and all the keys and all the limitless power to create when you trust your knowing.

We came here with one over-riding mission, to EXPERIENCE life as a physical being. OF course we had other important things that we wanted to do here, to help with here, but basically it has all been to experience and expand consciousness. We already know how things truly work and how to make whole that which appears to be damaged. It has ever been a work of remembering. A work of trust. It still is.

Remember who you are. Know that YOU are the Divine Being that you truly are. Then act from that place of Love and knowing and the miracles will encircle you. You are indeed MAGIC! You have what those of this world consider magical powers and presence. It is just the manifestation of your true self. Use it knowing that it is there and available. There is no need for an instruction manual. You already know. If you do things from your heart, if you listen to your own inner guidance, you will actively create the outcomes you desire. You cannot "think your way" through it, but you can accomplish all things miraculous if you just KNOW. If you TRUST that you Know.

It is all about TRUST. It is all about LOVE. It is all about Knowing.

Do not diminish your divine power by questioning it. Trust.

Blessings of love

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where Am I?

Posted by shirlstars on August 15, 2009

The magnitude of everything that is encompassing my life these days is astonishing. Yet it is barely noticable in the “see-able” world around me. To those who might be looking my way, giving a glance in my direction, it would seem I pass the days in quiet, slow moving, unfettered shuffling about not doing much of anything. Although they may notice occaisional bursts of creative energy spent in constructing useful and perhaps visually attractive items from “useless” scraps of wood. On the exterior I think they do not see much from me.

Within, however, there is an amazing smorgasbord of changes, releasing of the “old ways,” deeper understandings of all things, endless and unfettered joy, deep awareness of earth and sky and clouds and mountains and rocks and plants and animals, birds, wind, rain, clouds. . . .rainbows. . .sun and moon and stars. . .planets, the physics of all things, and most assuredly the wonders of the unseen in physical terms of things.

It is an intoxicating time of living in between two (or more) worlds. I am overjoyed with living in any or all of them. It is all quite wonderfully interesting, exciting, odd, yet familiar. I am finally beginning to understand first hand why we chose to participate in this earth experience. Sure, I have known from the “other” perspective what we have been reminded of and why “we” came here in the first place, but this. . .this is something else. . .this is a personal cognitive understanding of the why. And it is surprising to me that it all feels so magnificent now as opposed the many times it felt like drudgery, obligation, a not so delightful voluntary service that often had me asking “what was I thinking?”

The winds of change and ever evolving consciousness expansion are here and in force. The “when will it ever happen?” has become the “NOW it is here.”

It is all in flux and change is GOOD. The adventures of every next NOW moment are irresistible!


Scrap Wood Planter

Scrap Wood Planter

Bar-B-Que Side Table

Bar-B-Que Side Table

Scrap wood storage bench - 1

Scrap wood storage bench - 1

scrap wood storage bench Inside view

scrap wood storage bench Inside view

Loves and Hugs to all


Saturday, May 09, 2009

On a beautiful Saturday morning who wants to contemplate Physics and its latest theory. . .well, I do.

Drinking my morning coffee, I turned on the History channel and was delighted to see there a program on M Theory Physics (see a brief background and basic description below) What caught my eye, although I am always interested in what the Physicists are up to, was the discussion of not only multiple dimensions but parallel Universes.

My smiles began there and it wasn't long before the tears of Joy were trickling down my cheeks. Now, I might be the only person you know that is overcome by tears of joy while exploring physics. . .but it took my breath away and I said to myself, "They are actually beginning to get it!"

Things Metaphysical studies and spiritual seekers have "known" for ages are now being "proven" theoretically by scientists. We have had our own proofs from inner knowing and an unending flow of information from "Higher Sources" and so it is thrilling to see these changes in thought and postulations of theories that we already know exist.

Multiverse, parallel universe, multiple dimensions, multiple versions of "us" in existence in multiple universes, every considered thought or choice of a direction we choose to go existing simultaneously with this earth version of "us", unlimited potentials, vibrational energy membranes. . .these were the substance of the theory as several respected physicists explained them in lay terms.

Dancing for Joy, I AM. Bolstered by my truth verifier of tears, unfailing as it is, I am absolutely soaring .

May your day(s) be a Joy filled and as endlessly exciting as mine.

Blessings and Hugs


From Wikipedia:

In the early years of the 20th century, the atom - long believed to be the smallest building-block of matter - was proven to consist of even smaller components called protons, neutrons and electrons, which are known as subatomic particles. Beginning in the 1960s, other subatomic particles were discovered. In the 1980s, it was discovered that protons and neutrons (and other hadrons) are themselves made up of smaller particles called quarks. Quantum theory is the set of rules that describes the interactions of these particles.

In the 1980s, a new mathematical model of theoretical physics called string theory emerged. It showed how all the particles, and all of the forms of energy in the universe, could be constructed by hypothetical one-dimensional "strings," infinitely small building-blocks that have only the dimension of length, but not height or width. Further, string theory suggested that the universe is made up of multiple dimensions. We are familiar with height, width, and length as three dimensional space, and time gives a total of four observable dimensions. However, string theories supported the possibility of ten dimensions--the remaining 6 of which we can't detect directly. These "strings" vibrate in multiple dimensions, and depending on how they vibrate, they might be seen in 3-dimensional space as matter, light, or gravity. It is the vibration of the string which determines whether it appears to be matter or energy, and every form of matter or energy is the result of the vibration of strings.

String theory then ran into a problem: another version of the equations was discovered; then another, and then another. Eventually, there were five major string theories, all based on a 10-dimensional universe, and all of them appeared to be correct. Scientists were not comfortable with five seemingly contradictory sets of equations to describe the same thing.

In the mid 90s, a string theorist named Edward Witten of the Institute for Advanced Study and other important researchers considered that the five different versions of string theory might be describing the same thing seen from different perspectives. They proposed a unifying theory called "M-Theory", in which the "M" is not specifically defined, but is generally understood to stand for "membrane." M-Theory brought all of the string theories together. It did this by asserting that strings are really 1-dimensional slices of a 2-dimensional membrane vibrating in 11-dimensional space.

M-Theory is not yet complete, but the underlying structure of the mathematics has been established, and is in agreement with not only all the string theories but with all of our scientific observations of the universe. Furthermore, it has passed many tests of internal mathematical consistency, which many other attempts to combine quantum mechanics and gravity failed. Unfortunately, until we can find some way to observe higher dimensions (impossible with our current level of technology) M-Theory has a very difficult time making predictions which can be tested in a laboratory. Technologically, it may never be possible for it to be "proven." However, many cosmologists, including Stephen Hawking, are drawn to M-Theory because of its mathematical elegance and relative simplicity. Physicist and bestselling author Michio Kaku has remarked that M-Theory may present us with a "Theory of Everything" which is so concise that its underlying formula would fit on a t-shirt.[1]

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

by Shirl

I wonder if there is anything more difficult than attempting to answer the question of what one believes in the spiritual sense of things. A little less difficult but equally challenging is an explanation of how we got to that belief.

As I pondered what it is I personally believe and how I could possibly convey it I came to this:
I believe in MORE. I have an unwavering belief that there is more. I have always believed in more, and that more is all encompassing. I see, experience, feel and believe that there is more to everything.

In my endless curiosity here I have seen it over and over again. There is more. My theory of more postulated to myself has proved itself out a million, million times in every area of life and experience. There is more to science, there is more to art, there is more to music, there is more to sound, there is more to sight, there is more to literature, there is more to feeling, there is more to understanding, there is more to pain, there is more to discomfort, there is more to greed, there is more to detachment, there is more to love, there is more to hate, there is more to fear, there is more to blissfulness, there is more to beauty, there is more to reality, more to the earth, more to space, more to time, more to the universe, more to the multi-verse, more to all of creation that I have yet to discover and once discovered to understand.

And beyond that more, there is more. Never once have I been proven to be mistaken in this, there is more to everything we can comprehend and perceive than we CAN comprehend and perceive. It is the pre-imminent truth in my life. There is more.

In my journey to understand more, I have come to see that everything is encompassed in the spiritual. Going to your job everyday, sitting alone in your room, digging in dumpsters for some scraps of food or useful items, anything and everything we do. . .all of it is spiritual. We are spiritual beings, all of us. We are on a spiritual journey, all of us. How we choose to experience that journey, what purpose or lack of purpose we find along the way, is truly ours to create in every moment of now.

MORE tells me that there are more ways to have this human experience than there are beings on the planet and as each new being arrives there is indeed a new more that comes in with them. Every journey is unique just as every individual is unique.

From my view of things, it is never possible to say to another that their way is the wrong way. It is certainly very tempting for us to do so, especially when we feel that our way is producing a much more enjoyable or less stressful path. Whatever one gets from their belief system that brings them joy and happiness, that makes their life worthwhile to them. . .that then, is obviously the right choice of a path for them along their journey.

I see that what I give to others purely from my heart comes back to me as more. I see when I have no plan to get anything from others, but give to others what I feel to give, it is always returned to me as more. For me, the understanding that there is more is the most comforting, loving and expansive belief that I can hold.

May your lives contain MORE than you ever imagined possible.

LOVE is all there is.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

WELCOME To Matters of Spirit

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Thanks for visiting my site. See you soon!

Blessings of Love and Light

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Thoughts on Finding The Positive
~ By Shirl

A Letter to a friend wanting to change her negative thought process.


I am more fabulous everyday. Still the most blessed being in the Universe.

And there is a reason for that. . .this happens to be my favorite topic, so forgive me if I ramble on a bit here.

I am not specifically aiming these remarks at you, but your emotions and concerns strike a chord with things I have learned over the years of my life.

My "evolution" began with the knowledge, maybe even the absolute stubborn determination that no one anywhere ever was going to see me as a "Victim." It was not a role I was willing to play.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we have to choose who is in charge. Am I going to be in charge of my life and times or am I going to hand that over to others? Am I going to define who it is that I am or am I going to allow others to tell me who I am? Who is responsible for me and who I am becoming?

Even as a child I didn't like anyone telling me who I was or what I should be doing, so that one was definitely out of the question. That doesn't mean that I didn't try to measure up to others expectations of me, or often think I "should" be this or that or I should be doing this or that. I went through it too, just as most all of us do. I cared what others thought or said about me.

Here's the truth: Each of us is responsible for our own lives and our version of reality. The first time I ever considered that concept I will have to admit that it totally pissed me off. I was sure that I would never have created the mess, pain and difficulties in my life that I had experienced. That's just plain stupid, I thought. I thought of every "yeah but. . ." that I could possibly come up with. The stunning truth of it was that there are no yeah but's anywhere that can hold water. It was (and is) a process, but bit by bit I began to move away from blaming anyone, especially myself for circumstances that I felt made my life unbearable at times. (and this came to my knowing when I was quite a few years older than you dear heart)

The simplest explanation of the Law of Attraction is that we get what we focus on. WE GET WHAT WE FOCUS ON! He has, she has, they have so much and I am struggling for so little. What the Universe hears and sees is the I have so little. Oh. . .she is focusing on having so little, lets keep that going for her.

The first step in focus correction and the foundation of Law of Attraction for bringing forth the things we do want is GRATITUDE. GRATITUDE for what we have. Make the list. Write it out (preferably), speak it out loud, run it through your thoughts like an unending tape. Pick different things at different times or review them all every day, but be grateful for the amazing abundance that you have in your life. Stop now and forever more comparing yourself and your life to any others. There is no comparison that matters, ever.

This is a partial list of what comes to mind when I say I am the most blessed being in the universe:

I have so much in abundance that I continually am looking for things to give away.

I have a warm, comfortable place to live.

I have so much food it sometimes goes to waste before I can use it.

I have adequate transportation (my car) that is reliable and serves me well.

I am surrounded by loving, caring and generous people who have my best interests at heart.

The universe supplies my every need.

I am filled with wellbeing, physical, mental, emotional and in every way exceptionally healthy.

I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. It is an extraordinary gift.

The green blade of grass is so amazingly beautiful I love the feel, the look, the smell of it.

The beauty of the flowers is so joyous I can gaze upon them endlessly and be filled with peace and serenity.

The trees are awesome in their stature, their strength, the beauty of their leaves, the texture of their bark, the over arching of their limbs that bring me shade from the heat.

The cats and the dog that share my home with me are a source of great pleasure and love for me.

All of the creatures that occupy this earth are beautiful and enchanting to behold. I so love the opportunity to have them in my life in any way that they come.

The universe loves me so much it continually supplies me with the beauty and joy of this life experience.

I am loved.

I am special (we all are, you know)

I have so much and I am so blessed.

I look forward every moment to the next wonderful opportunity the universe will bring me.

May my eyes and heart be open to those opportunities and the ways that I might best serve them.

I am Fabulous!

I feel Fabulous!

I am the most blessed being in the universe!


I start each day while I am drinking my coffee asking the universe to bring me the opportunities to best serve my highest and best purpose today. And saying "I am so grateful for the abundance of blessings I have." That's it. But throughout the day I notice things. I notice the birds singing and I stop for a second and listen, then smile and express my love for the part they play in my life. Every time I go outside, I notice the trees, the flowers, the grass, the bushes, the clouds, the sunshine, the rain, the snow, the breeze, the wind, the smells of sagebrush and fresh earth being turned by the nearby farmers. I notice. I speak my appreciation of it. My gratitude. I love it!

I bless and am blessed by the people and things I interact with everyday. Regardless of how that interaction may appear, I understand that there is something of value here for me. That is what I look for. Some of the most seemingly objectionable people or incidents in my life are actually blessings of bringing me to a new and expanded understanding of things. I don't take ANYTHING personally. I understand that everyone is just where they are along their path. It doesn't make me better, smarter, worse, or more or less caring, it is just what is. I love them for who I know they truly are that they have not yet realized. We are all, ALL of us a work in progress.

Fear, anger, resentment, struggle, regrets, negative, discouragement. . .and all the other things of that genre come from a place of feeling, "I am not worthy."

Most important thing to understand is EVERYONE is worthy. Without exception, everyone is worthy of love, acceptance, encouragement, praise, abundance and all of the blessings of the universe. Everyone. Even you. Even me.

When we struggle against anything, when we have resistance to anything, we are not a vibrational match for all of the wonderful things and attributes we want in our lives. When we begin to express our gratitude for the things we want by thanking the Universe for already bringing them forward into our lives we are in alignment to receive those things.

"Thank you for bringing me the new _______(house, car, job, lover, abundance. . .whatever it may be) I am so happy to see it manifest in my life."

Then let go of it! Stop thinking, but I don't have it yet, when is it coming, I still don't have it. . .every time you do happen to think of what you are wanting it cannot be from a place of not having it. It must be from an appreciation of the universe supplying it to you. Do not put restrictions on the universe. Don't tell it how and when to bring it to you. As soon as your energy lines up with it, it will appear. As soon as it energetically is a match with you and your purpose, it will come. As long as you notice you are lacking it, it just cannot show up in your life because you are focused on the lack.

Oh, it will be so wonderful when the universe brings me _____________ (whatever it is you are wanting). I am so grateful. I am so blessed!

Now here is one that will have amazing benefits.

I am so grateful that my ex seems so happy in his new situation. I am so grateful that he is experiencing abundance and well being.

I am so grateful that everything that I desire in my life is coming forward to bless me in this very moment. I am so grateful that I have a brand new experience of life and love and new people and places that will fulfill me in every way. I am so grateful that I am so blessed! I am so blessed! I am the most blessed. Thank you!

I am worthy of all the blessings and abundance in the universe! ( say this one statement I am worthy everyday at least 3 times a day. Start your day with it. If you were as weird as I am you might find yourself saying it over and over and over again under your breath all day long for a few days).

That's Shirl's short course. . .see how blessed we are I didn't go into the longer version of it! LOL!

I love you deeply and eternally. I see more of you than you see and you are most worthy of all blessings forever more. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are gifted with some very special attributes. You are appreciated. You are loved. You are loved beyond anything you can comprehend.

I appreciate and love having you in my life,
Thank you for all that you bring to me,
Hugs, smiles and unending love,

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