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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Words from Ronna Herman:

Our emotional, mental and spiritual reality is expanding by leaps and bounds, as we begin to access a higher truth and greater wisdom.

Humanity is coming of age ÷ we are no longer children, stumbling in the dark, or following others without question. A consciousness level is emerging that will incorporate not just our families, neighborhood and cities, but races, cultures, countries, planets, and even our solar system, galaxy and universe.

As we begin to resonate with the higher frequencies of love, compassion and non-judgment, there will be no sense of fear, separation, limitation or disease. We are in the process of healing and releasing all energies and frequencies which no longer serve us and which cannot exist in the Light Body we are building. As we release all the dark crystals (as Lord Michael calls them) we can fill those vacancies with pure crystalline Light substance. These old imbalanced energies hold the memories of pain, suffering and limitation from our ancient past.

It is time for us to release the misconception or sense of separation: good and bad, light and dark, duality or polarity consciousness. We are here on Earth in a physical body, on the plane of materiality, to experience duality and polarity. It is balance we seek, not the elimination of duality or polarity.

It is time for us to return to a sense of Oneness or wholeness. All creation is an aspect of the Divine Creator, our Father/Mother God. It is also time for you to remember that you are a master. You came to Earth as a Master of co-creation: to build, experience and enjoy the paradise world called Earth. Are you ready to move from being a master of lack, limitation, fear and suffering? It is time to reclaim your heritage as a master of love, beauty, bounty, abundance and joy.

Never since our arrival on Planet Earth, so many aeons ago, have we had so much assistance from the higher realms: Archangels, angelic helpers, masters, teachers, guides and wondrous beings from far distant galaxies. But you must ask and then follow your inner guidance until you find your way back onto that wondrous path of higher awareness and illumination and mastery.

We are all in this together, on this wondrous journey back home. Every victory, every gain you make, smoothes the way for those following behind you. My hope is to make your journey a little easier and the experience more joyful.

Love, Light and Blessing Beyond Measure,

*Ronna Herman is recognized as the worlds foremost channel of Archangel Michael. She is an author, lecturer, teacher and travels the world to present her work. She is also my spiritual sister, my friend and my mentor. Please visit her site at and should you ever wish to attend one of her seminars you will find it an amazing experience that will forever change your life.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How the Universe Really Works ~
John Cali and Cheif Joseph

This morning I was reading an article in the Washington Post on the high price of gasoline. Among other things, the article talked about the big gas guzzlers like the Hummer.

A bit later, I saw a Hummer on my way to the post office. They’re very rare in this small mountain town. In fact, I’ve seen only one other in all the time I’ve lived here. A couple minutes later, still on my way to the post office, I saw another Hummer. You probably know what they look like -- big, boxy military-looking gas hounds on four wheels.

Earlier this morning, as I was out jogging, it dawned on me I hadn’t seen any snakes this summer. Normally we have plenty of them during warm weather. About two or three minutes later, I spotted a long black snake just off to my right.

Later in the morning, I was doing some grocery shopping. Without intending to, I "accidentally" turned down the aisle with dental products. And that reminded me I’d been looking for a particular brand of toothpaste for many months. But this store hadn’t carried it in years. Suddenly, it practically jumped out at me from the top of the toothpaste shelf.

So what do all these seemingly insignificant, trivial events have to do with our spiritual paths?

Well, they show us how the Universe really works.

Here’s Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

Friends, you live in a Universe that is exquisitely perfect in every way. We realize that may sound like a ridiculous thing to say, at least to many of you. Especially when you look at the world around you, including your latest huge human disaster, the hurricane called Katrina.

However, the Universe works in an entirely predictable manner. It is governed by the law of attraction. And everything that happens, happens according to the law of attraction. No exceptions.

And so, you might ask, "What is this law of attraction that governs the Universe and all of our lives?"

Well, we’ve addressed that question many times over the years. But it keeps coming up. And probably will keep coming up. And so we will keep addressing it.

The very essence of the law of attraction is this: You live in a Universe of vibrations. Vibration is all that is. Similar vibrations resonate with each other. Dissimilar ones clash with each other. But our real point and focus here today are the similar vibrations.

To put it simply, you attract into your lives (as individuals and as groups, large or small) what you focus mostly on.

Your focus, your attention to anything, sets up a resonance, a vibration. And the Universe responds instantly to that vibration.

And instantly whatever matches that vibration, or resonates with it, is on its way to you.

So, as we’ve said often before, it behooves you to pay attention to what you’re paying attention to.

Let’s take some examples from the experiences John described for you earlier.

As he was jogging, he started thinking about snakes. And lo and behold, a snake appeared almost instantly.

In another of his experiences that same morning, a particular toothpaste he’d been wanting a long time suddenly manifested.

We take these two examples because, among other things, they illustrate how irrelevant time is when it comes to manifesting your hearts’ desires.

Time is, in fact, often the biggest block you face in creating what you want in your lives. Not because time matters -- it doesn’t. The Universe could care less about time. It’s you who care about time.

So when you ask for something, or give your attention to something, no matter how fleeting that attention may be, it’s instantly on its way to you.

And if you simply allow it to come, and if you really do not care when it comes, it will often come to you quickly, or even instantly. When that happens, you frequently call it a "miracle."

But, often, your focus, after you’ve asked for something, is on the fact it’s not there yet. Well, then you’ve set up a contradictory vibration. And you thereby slow down the manifestation.

You live in a perfect Universe. But it’s a Universe governed by its own law of attraction. And so, by its own law, the Universe cannot deliver to you something you’re not ready to receive.

In other words, you cannot receive something that does not match where you are vibrationally.

On the other hand, the Universe can, and often will, deliver to you instantly whatever matches where you are vibrationally.

That, of course, friends, can work for or against you -- for or against what you’re wanting to create.

So, again, it behooves you to pay attention to what you’re paying attention to. Your predominant focus determines your predominant vibration.

And that predominant vibration determines all of your life experiences. All of them -- no exceptions.

And that is how the Universe really works.

Sentinels of the Sky: Conversations with Chief Joseph

© 2005 Great Western Publishing

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Little Secret:

It seems rather often that others ask me how it is we can step forth in love for all. How we can open our heart centers fully and remove the walls and blocks that prevent us from going forth in love every moment as we go about our daily tasks.

We have not understood clearly that manifestation, those specific steps and universal laws that govern manifestation, do not apply only to material creation. They apply to all things we wish to bring forth, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or any other form we can imagine. There in lies my secret.

I assume that everyone wants love, and they want it from me. Deep within we know this is true. We each desire pure, unrestricted, unconditional love from one who expects nothing in return. We will gladly accept it from any who offer it fully even when we are not certain that we know how to accept it or how to return it. Any who may turn away from our offering of love do so because they do not feel worthy or do not understand that we require nothing of them in return. There is no condition to be met for them to have all the love we offer to them. On the rare occasions that others seem to draw away from my overt acts of love directed at them, I do not accept that they do not wish to be the recipient. I continue to go to them to offer that beautiful love from Source that flows to me and through me. They are not rebuffing me. It is not personal. They are just asking for more information, and a clearer understanding.

All those who have mastered the elements of manifestation know certainly that one of the most important steps is to “act as if the desired outcome already exists.” And if you have understanding of NOW, you understand that everything you can imagine or create in your mind, heart, soul and spirit does already exist. There is no past, present or future. There is only NOW. In the sense of the spiritual beings that we all are, I would suggest that you may change the word “act” to “know.”

I express the love I willingly share in many ways, but the most overt and physical expression of that love is through hugging. It is a wonderful way to exchange energies with another and the truth of what it expresses cannot be hidden. A hug tells me a lot about the other person and their energetic state. I know that they in turn can read my intent and understand at a deep level what it is I wish to give to them. As I KNOW that love exists within me and wants to be shared with others, I know that they wish to love me as well.

I view love as the basis for everything. So it is not a difficult step to understand that every attribute I wish to incorporate into my being may be achieved in the same steps of manifestation. I wish to be a Master in being upon this earth. I Know that by acting as a Master upon this earth, I AM. When we wish to learn to ride a bicycle, we have many starts and stops as we learn to balance and trust the mastery required. But deep within we know that we will learn to ride it. It seems somewhere inside that we already know how to ride it. If we did not, we would never do the practicing that allows us to master the skills required. It is truly no different with any attribute we wish to acquire. Know that we already have it. Practice to perfect the skills. Claim it as our own. It must then manifest in our lives.

Sometimes others have said to me, I cannot do this or that, because if I act as if I am already there, it is a lie. I am not there. Now that is an interesting concept and even more interesting that we choose such stumbling blocks to excuse our unwillingness to even attempt to master something. It is challenging to be sure to know that you have everything you need in abundance when all around you there seems to be lack. When we are willing to step into that NOW moment and truly know that everything we need is and will be supplied, it is then that we have true abundance.

Nothing appears to accelerate this process of being open to receive abundance than being grateful for all that we presently have in our lives. When we dwell on lack, we manifest lack. When we dwell on the amazing abundance already present in our lives, we create the opportunity for more abundance. When we believe that we deserve and have everything abundantly it comes forth to bless us.

All that is required of us is to act on the opportunities as they appear before us. If you deeply desire love in your life, yet you do not reach out to others in love every opportunity you have, then how can it manifest? It is no different with any other attribute you wish to bring into your life.

Do I make mistakes and missteps? Of course I do. It is all a part of learning. Allow yourself your mistakes, allow others theirs, for they are only practice steps that brought you more information on how you may master what it is you desire to incorporate into your being. We have had a self-defeating habit of chastising ourselves for mistakes. They should instead be a celebration of our willingness to learn and work towards our goal. I doubt that many of us have been successful at anything we have attempted on the first faltering step of accomplishment. It is the dedication to taking the steps, one after another, regardless how less than perfect they may appear at that moment. When you are in the process of learning, you are never in the process of failing. You cannot fail if you continue to take the steps, continue to practice until you accomplish what you desire. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. But if you don’t participate you can never reach the destination.


Friday, September 16, 2005

Greetings from Home.
(Photo of Barbara and Steve Rother,
Steve brings the messages of The Group)

Dear Ones, you have created an opportunity to come together in the light. You have come together for the opportunity to look into each other’s eyes and to create a magnificent reflection, for each one of you carries a piece of unique beauty which is beyond description. That unique beauty is a part of God; it is the piece of God that is within you. By placing that wonderful veil over your face, your own unique beauty is one thing that is well hidden from your own view. You look into a mirror and say, “Oh, I wonder how I got this mark here? or “Where did these brown spots come from?” You find all the imperfections in your reflection, but we tell you that those imperfections are your unique beauty and what make you special. We wish to speak of your unique beauty this day. But first, we wish to explain another concept that we will help tie all this together for you a little later in this message.

What is Light and Lightwork?

We wish to speak of light itself. You are currently watching a reflection of light; the light you perceive is actually energy. When we speak of the word ‘light,’ it is not only the light you see emanating from the sun and coming from these artificial lights that you call electric light bulbs. Light is an energy that is transmitted between you and everything that you gaze upon. Every part of you emanates light. You are truly Lightworkers of the New Energy. That is who you are. It is not what you came to do. It is not anything that you have studied or accomplished. It is the essence of who you are—simply by being. So let us speak of light, for you see light as something that emanates out. What really happens to a beam of light that is sent out from Earth. You see light as a beam, as a ray that goes out into the Universe and then reaches a saturation point and stops. For if you take one of your flashlights on a very dark night, it will only shine up to a certain distance and then it appears to stop. What happens to that light? Where does it go?

First of all, let us tell you that it never travels in the straight line that you believe it does. That line is curved and the arc of what you call light emanates throughout every part of energy that you see. The illusion of linear time in which you play your game is curved as well. We tell you that what you think of as past, present and future is also not a straight line. It is instead a curved arc. If you pull back far enough, you will see that all of these arcs join to create huge circles. Therefore, it could be said that these are actually circles of light. But as we have said, light is energy and energy has four basic attributes. The first is that energy ‘is’. It does not begin and never dies, it only transforms from one form to another. The second is that energy is dynamic and must move to exist. The third is that energy always seeks the path of least resistance. And the fourth is that all energy is based on the Universal Energy field that underlies everything.

So if energy never dies and light is energy, what happens to the light when you shine it into the darkness and it does not reach its destination? The light transmutes into other forms of energy. Even the lights that you see in the room you are in are literally a conversion of one form of energy into another, in this case heat and photons. Therefore, light that seems to dissipate in the darkness does in fact transform into other forms of energy. The light that you use to light your rooms is only a very small bandwidth of truly full spectrum light. Light in its purest form carries energy that, when transmuted, feeds you with important nutrients that nourish your soul. These are the nutrients from Home that allow you to re-member just enough to allow you lay the game of pretending to be separate on Earth. The energy that real light holds creates the environment in which you live. If you neglect to nourish your being with light, you will cease to exist on the earth plane.

Now when a beam of truly full spectrum light goes out into the universe it also seems to dissipate into the darkness, almost as if it were being absorbed by the dark. In a sense that is true, yet light being energy can never die and simply transforms so it can be of use in other ways. When full spectrum light transforms, as energy it always follows the path of least resistance. What you are generally not aware of is that full spectrum light is interdimensional and often drifts into other dimensions when it appears to be fading into the darkness of your reality. In fact, one of the dimensions that experiences your transmuted light is the dimension in which we exist and the dimension you call Home. Likewise we often send light into your world in a similar manner. This you know to be the Light of Home and it feeds your soul in ways that you have no words for. The main portal for light that we use is what you call your solar sun. As the Light of Home reaches humanity, something magical happens. One of the nutrients from Home that light transforms into as it enters humans is love. Love is the light energy transmuted into a form that can be used by spirits playing the game of pretending to be separate. This is the game you call being human. As humans, you feel light as love; therefore, if you wish to reflect light, you do so through love. You can see why it is often said that your love is light or love is the _expression of God and to love is divine. You do so through your own love and your reflection of love. There are two ways to work with light. You can be the light, or you can reflect the light. Each of you will do both and both forms of lightwork are expressions of your divinity. Therefore, a Lightworker is a title bestowed upon all who consciously choose to spread light.

The other most important part is love of self, for that is the trueness of who you are. Love of self is the most difficult reflection for you to perceive. The most difficult part for you to understand is that love of self is actually the love of God. It is the greatest thing throughout all of that is and the one part that connects you with every other being. So what we offer you today is two-fold: how you first find that unique beauty first in yourself, and how do you may help others to find their own unique beauty.

The Cycle of Light

We wish to tell you about what we call the Circle of Light or the Cycle of Light, for as it transmutes from one form into another, different things can happen. Since light is interdimensional, as light enters your being it reflects many dimensions of your soul. Let us re-mind you and take you back to the very early days of humanity and the first 500 souls who first visited Earth. Each one of you is a direct descendent of one of the 500 original souls on Earth. There are only 500 prototypes from which all of you emanate. But what of those first 500? We tell you that it was important for each one of those 500 to be different and to express the illusion of separateness by being unique. Each one of them would reflect the light from Home differently than all the others. That way God could see himself/herself. The first 500 souls were the actualization of God in finite form, and to accomplish that it was necessary for each soul to be different. The Universal Energy is the base energy that is always in the motion of equalizing. Therefore, when you pulled yourself into separatism by being a unique _expression of God the Universal Energy has the natural reaction of wanting to pull you back together as one. Finding, re-membering and expressing your own unique beauty now becomes the most important part of the game. Since the beginning of humanity, the Universal Energy has been helping you to find the commonalities in one another, to find the similarities of your unique expressions of God. That is not easy; it is a major difficulty in being human. In fact, being human is one of the most difficult parts to play throughout All That Is, for it is not an easy lesson to place that veil over your face and forget your magnificence. It becomes the biggest challenge of All That Is. What we tell you is that if it were easy, everyone would be human.

In the beginning that separateness was most important, and for eons of time you have been looking for the similarities that bring you back together. For eons of time, your cultures, your energies, your schools, your churches, all your societies have been built on your commonalities. We tell you, that has been very helpful for all of you for it is bringing you back into unity consciousness. Yet, that does not mean that you need to lose your unique beauty to be able to express unity. In fact the opposite is true. Stepping into unity is only possible by carrying your unique beauty into its fullest _expression.

The challenge is that humans, living in a field of polarity, tend to go one way or the other and rarely balance the concept of unity with the concept of unique beauty. Both must be present to take the next step in your evolution. Now, more than ever will come a grass roots effort to find commonalities between humans. Do not look for your leaders to create it for you, rather use the tools that you have and make the connections yourself. The new technologies of communication have opened the door for you to talk to each other freely and openly. If you use communication to search out unique beauty while finding the commonalities, in fact you are spreading light on your planet. We tell you there would be no war on Earth if all your focus would be as on how you are alike instead of how you are separate. Humans fear what they do not understand. Any time they see someone with attributes that they do not fully understand, they fall into fear. Since fear is only a lack of information, one can seek the understanding they are lacking or react to the fear. This has been the basis of all war on Earth and we tell you that now you no longer have the same need for those wars.

Now that you are stepping into a higher vibrational state, you are stepping into an opportunity for you to understand yourselves as creators. As conscious creators, we ask that you simply find the opportunities for you to discover and stand in your own unique beauty, while searching for the commonalities and understanding the connection that you have for all things around you. Look for those opportunities to find a reflection of your unique beauty in all that you perceive. This is creating the NEW Family of Light. That is where the magic is. That is what you have come here to do and you are doing it well.

Unique Beauty

You need to understand that you have already won the Game. You are sitting around asking, “What can I do? How can I help? What is the next step in our evolution so I can be there to plant those seeds?” And we applaud you, dear ones, and stand beside you always waiting for our opportunities to reflect your light. You come to sit in our energy. You read our messages. You watch the movies and the broadcasts so that you can re-member Home and you can charge yourself up. What you do not understand is that we do the same with you. This is the Light from Home that flows freely between our dimension and yours. What you may not understand is that we are honored to be in your presence. You are the magnificent ones who have had the courage to put on the veil and forget who you are so that God could have a glimpse of God. You are the ones that have created All That Is at a new, higher level. Every day it is becoming more important for you to understand your true place in the Universe. Every day it is becoming more and more important that you understand you carry a unique part of God that nobody else has. Instead of being ashamed of what your beliefs have told you is an imperfection that you carry, find a way to stand in your uniqueness and make it your beauty. The difference between beauty and what you call ugliness is only a slight shift of perception.

Even the human beauty that you see when you look in your magazines at what you consider to be beautiful people, are simply a composite of thoughts that you have collected as you have searched for a definition of beauty. Every time you look at something you think is beautiful, you file it away somewhere and you blend it together until there is one composite beautiful person in the back of your brain. Many times a visual person will find a close match to this composite belief and think they have found the person of their dreams only to marry them and find out differently. Every time you look at someone, you measure that against this beautiful person you carry in your mind. That is your definition of beauty. We tell you, as you become higher vibrational people, as you step even further into your own _expression of divine beauty, you will no longer measure that definition of beauty against these concepts that you carry in your head. Instead you will measure them against concepts that you carry in your heart. In truth, the beauty of your own heart is based on the unique beauty of God that you hold. That is why it is becoming more important to shift your perception of yourself to find and hold that beauty proudly.

(Continuted on Part 2)

Part 2 ~ The Group ~
Steve Rother

Teach Your Children

The concepts of beauty that you have held are what you have been quietly teaching your children. Your schools, and other social interactions have all been about fitting in and being liked—being similar—for that is where you can measure and how you can see and encourage their growth. The cycle of light thus far has been to teach how to be alike first as children, and then teach how to be separate as adults. Generally it is not until a person is about to leave school that they begin to realize that it is their uniqueness that holds their true _expression of beauty. Many do not ever find that truth. As a result, many children enter the real world with a rude awakening being unprepared in their youth to stand in their own light. The children of the New Earth need more _expression of their unique beauty to be able to flourish. They are entering with more light in their beings than has ever been held in human form before. That is the reason that so many children are being diagnosed with ‘disorders’ and why so many specialized schools are opening. These children need more _expression of their uniqueness in the early stages of development. Once they have a firm grasp on their unique beauty, then, they can more effectively blend together as adults without fear. They now need the _expression of unique beauty. They now need to know how to find value in the ways that they are different first, and of course the best way to teach anything is by example. That will make a huge difference on your planet in the years to come. In the days ahead, your expressions of unique beauty will become more important than ever before.

It is beginning today, for you have reached levels that are starting to change many of the circumstances around you. There are changes going on in your daily lives that will now open doors for you to see unique beauty. That is why we have waited to so clearly speak of it for now you can see not only beauty in each other, but beauty in yourself. The truth is that if you cannot find your own beauty, you have a blurred vision of all beauty. Then when you see beauty elsewhere you can be threatened, scared, insecure or fearful, which then makes you want to see the differences in each other rather than find the ways your beauty is alike. The truth is that you are all expressions of God and all come from the same source. Honor that reflection in yourself first then you can recognize it all around you.

Entering the Age of E

You are creators and you have evolved through eons of time in order to reach the levels that you have now reached. You have gone through eons of time to allow yourself to be here right now, which is wonderful. God bless you. You are the creators and if you take that lesson which emanates from the inward outward, then you know your own creative abilities and you believe in who you are. We tell you that you are unique in your nature. You are unique in your beauty. You have a right to your unique _expression of God and your unique beauty. You not only have a right to hold that foremost in your being and in your daily experience, but you have a responsibility to do so for that is what you came here to do. We stand in wonderment and awe to watch not only as you create the Game in front of you, but now as you take it to the next level.

Planet Earth has had many exit points. There are many Phantom Deaths that you have gone through in order to get to this point. There are many times when you could have ended the Game altogether but you did not. Here you are, asking one another, “What can I do now? What can I do next?” The Cycle of Light is now turning so take that light, take that responsibility to emanate that light and to be the precursor of love. Much the way that you plant the seed and you hold it in your hand and say, “This is going to be a beautiful flower.” But it does not work unless you plant it in fertile ground, and you put water upon it, and shine light upon it. Those are the things that transmute into the love energy that allow that beautiful flower to express its divine _expression of unique beauty. You are the light. Embrace the unique blend of beauty and light that you are. Allow everyone to see it freely, for that is your next stage as creators. That is what you have set into motion and this day forward is a unique time for you to do that intentionally. Every question that you ask of the Universe is answered with very few words…and so it is. Now that you know the answer, perhaps you would like to re-formulate the question?

You have entered the Age of E. The Age of Empowerment is upon you. Now you hold the pen in front of you. What are you going to write? What are you going to do today that expresses that unique beauty in yourself and allows others to discover their own unique beauty? We cannot wait to see what you have envisioned for your future, for your reality will come from your perception of it. Enjoy the ride and know that we are here waiting, applauding your step, encouraging you on. For the angels in heaven only have one purpose: to spread our wings to reflect the magnificence of humans and to reflect your unique beauty.


With that, we will take some questions.

Question: Responsibility and personal responsibility. What if ’responsibility’ is a scary word for some people?

Answer: Yes it is scary, for responsibility is the precursor to true power and power is scary to humans. We find it very interesting that people have traditionally gone to seers and visionaries to get answers and sometimes they do so because they are afraid of taking responsibility for finding the answer within. We are not here to give you answers. It is our greatest desire that perhaps you will walk out of this room with more questions than you have answers, for that is empowering. You hold the knowing deep inside. If we can awaken that part of you, we have done our job and that is where responsibility comes in. We tell you that there are many opportunities for you to re-member your responsibility. Your responsibility is first, to self. The greatest responsibility you have is your own happiness. No one can take that for you. No one can do anything in that area for the moment you try to lean upon another person in order to get that responsibility, you push them aside and both of you lose balance. Many relationships in the past have been built on what we call leaning relationships, where a person believes themselves to be only half a person so they look for another half of a person to have a relationship with. The challenge about leaning relationships is that the moment one begins to move and grow, the other one falls. When two people can walk side by side, not leaning on each other, but simply sharing their life together, it becomes magical. That is responsibility for your own energy. It is your responsibility to be here and to be the best light and the best _expression of your divine unique beauty that you can be.

Who are you responsible for? Who are you responsible to? Well, it can be said that you are part of the whole. In fact, there is no division between you and the person sitting next to you. You are a part of each other. Since you live with the illusion of separation and you believe that you are only one person and the person sitting next to you is someone else, we will tell you a story about that. There came a time in the evolution of humankind where you had an exit point for the game of free choice. Everything could have ended at that point and had been very successful had it have done so. Instead, you chose to step from the first wave of empowerment from ‘follow the leader’ into the second wave of empowerment about ‘following yourself.’ At that point, things changed. You needed to re-define and re-script the rules. You started evaluating your own circumstances around you. Everything in your lives had to have new meaning at that point. On the other side of the veil, there was a huge commotion, for all of the beings that had ever been came and stood in a great line with the anticipation of entering the Game. Everybody said, ”It looks like Earth may actually go to the next level. I want to go in and be part of the shift.” It was then that a long line of souls formed to come into Planet Earth through a relatively few births. It very quickly became obvious that there were many more souls that wanted to come into Earth than there were opportunities for souls to enter. At that point a very interesting thing happened, for on the other side of the veil we are not separate from one another. The first person in line turned around and looked at the person behind them and said, “You know, you have a better chance of making a difference than I do. With your setups and your past lives, and the information that you carry, you can actually make more of a difference than I can. Why do you not come to the front of the line and I will step behind you?” And a huge re-shuffling of this grand line took place for there is no competition on the other side of the veil. You are all part of each other. One to another each person stood in line with their unique beauty on full display so that all of the very best divine expressions of God could enter the world.

And so it happened that all of the highest of the highest and the best of the best came to the front of the line. And here you are. You made it. Now, who do you owe responsibility to? We suggest that if you have difficulty being responsible for your own happiness then you might consider being responsible to all those souls that stepped aside so that you could be here. All those parts of yourself that moved aside so that you could be on this Earth right now. They are looking over your shoulder every moment. As you look into the mirror and say, “What am I doing here? Am I making a difference? Am I just all alone?” You need to know that there is a grand cheering squad on the other side of the veil and every one of those beings that stepped aside so that you can be here is cheering you on and actually quite proud of you. That is where your responsibility lies. And we thank you for asking the question. And it is a scary word.

Question: I just recently left the kids and came here. What is going to happen to them?

Answer: Your children will be fine and they will always be your children. They are on their own path and they must find their own way. They are learning to take their own responsibility. Many times you try so hard to help. You try so hard to give your children and those you love more than what you had when you grew up. Sometimes you try so hard you get in the way. When they are on the other side of the veil they are scripting these things and say, “It looks like we have an opportunity to run right into a brick wall. Maybe if I do this, I can learn what I have been trying to learn the past 12 lifetimes.” Just before they hit the wall, someone steps in front of them and says, “You are about to hit a wall, and I love you so I wont let you do that.” Sometimes it is best to stand back and lovingly watch and to know that your responsibility to your children is to always be there for them as they learn to take their own power. Love them and offer them unconditional support. Sometimes that will mean that you love them enough to step back and let them hit the wall and to let them have their experiences. They are your children. You will not lose them and there is a reunion ahead.

Question: Greetings. I stand on the edge of a cliff. I think I stepped off and I am tumbling down. It is a new cycle, a new beginning, a new initiation. As I am tumbling down I am wondering what I am going to meet when I hit the bottom, what trail I am going to take and what reality am I going to create? It is very hard not to feel fear. I seem to be going in cycles. I feel like I have been here before. It looks familiar, but it’s not. I kind of evolved. I think I was an egg, and then a larvae, and I don’t know if I’m a butterfly yet, but I’m changing. I have a lack of confidence even though I’ve been through the cycle so many times. About where I’m going—I know I’m going somewhere, I’m just concerned about creation. What I create and how I connect with my brothers and sisters in this community. Can you help me?

Answer: Understand first that having stepped off the cliff is a creation in itself—and a grand creation itself. Even though you feel yourself tumbling down, your next creation, as you have spoken, is to hit the bottom. We do not think that is necessary for you are creating a new bridge beneath your feet at this very moment. If you wish to feel that, you will very shortly in your daily life for it is not necessary to fall to the bottom. It is simply there to help scare you. Do you not love that human concept? You have mentioned the four-letter word, fear, that scares so many humans, but please understand that it is only possible to be afraid of something that is unknown. Once you know the worst that can happen, it takes away some of the fear. So place yourself, if you dare, at the bottom. See yourself picking yourself up and dusting yourself off after that wonderful fall, and understand that at a later time, you will be recounting that experience and telling people how scared you were and it will make a grand story. The reality is that you could not fall if you tried. You are simply being re-positioned. You have asked for it. It is happening. It is not possible to tell you exactly where it is going for you have not written all the details of the final movements. It is possible to tell you that you are on the right path and yes, it will be scary. We hope you enjoy the ride. Thank you for asking.

Question: You mentioned earlier the choice that somebody has to make about maybe letting somebody run into the brick wall without stepping in. How on Earth do you tell in the moment? What guidance is there for us?

Answer: The easiest way we can tell you is that you are a defined energy field within yourself. Many of you come in without those boundaries, without the understanding that this is your energy field and therefore, you pick up everybody else’s energy all the time. It is the mark of the healer and quite often contained within one of the Twelve Primary Life Lessons called Definition. There are no boundaries in place whatsoever. The person who walks into a restaurant, sits down at a table, and finds themselves getting angry not possibly knowing that there was an argument at that table before they got there. You walked into the crowd and brought it on yourself. Where does that lie? First responsibility is within your energy field. To place yourself, to feed yourself. To help yourself find your happiness. Then you can objectively look at the other fields around you and rather than taking them on as your responsibility you can offer objectivity like saying “I see that you are heading toward a dead end rather quickly. Do you know there is a brick wall there? Okay.” I will honor your choice and let you experience.” That is not only your duty, but their right. Many times it is very difficult to watch for many times it seems that people sometimes make a life purpose out of running into brick walls. It is very difficult to do and yet, if you love them enough, you will let them experience that on their own and help them assimilate what they experienced and pick up the pieces lovingly, yet not take responsibility for it.

So the question is, how do you know? We cannot give you a definitive answer. We can tell you that if it is draining your energy greatly, you are over-invested in the other person’s energy. Your energy field needs to be intact, completely and fulfilled, for only then can you be energy role models for the people you love. Only then can you give them an idea of what it is like to place self first. We thank you for the question.

Question: I have a question about climate changes. They are a fact of life. They happen. I guess my expectation is that climates would change in one direction. A place that is wet would become dry, a place that was cold would become warm, but it seems like they go back and forth and there is a lot of chaos. Can you speak to that?

Answer: Currently on Planet Earth you are having changes within your water temperatures. They are very minute but affecting great changes on Planet Earth. It is no secret. We have spoken already about the water rising on Planet Earth. It will happen. It is simply a matter of how much it will happen and that is determined by you. That is determined by your expectations, your connection to the planet and what you need to raise the next vibrational level of Planet Earth to support your higher vibration. It is an evolutionary stage, not a catastrophe. There are adjustments going on having to do with that. The moment any change is experienced, you will see wide fluctuations—not a gentle movement toward hotter or colder—but rather wide fluctuations. It is no secret to tell you that you have many more hurricanes ahead and big ones at that. (Two days after this channel Hurricane Katrina hit the United States) You know there is a cycle. We will tell you something else for many of these signals have been created for the energy of the Earth to start changing. As She raises the temperature of Her water, of the Earth itself, the Earth begins to vibrate at a higher rate. When something heats up, it vibrates faster. So even though these are very minute changes at this point, they are making big changes in the weather patterns on Earth and will continue to do so. It will not be a gradual movement; it will be a swing back and forth.

Hopefully about the time you wonder if something is really drastic, it will settle off for a little bit and let you find your comfort zone before it starts moving again. That is how She moves. That is how She changes and She is doing very well with Her connections to you, to help you support your needs on Planet Earth. You will see more drastic changes. Currently, with your understanding of geology and your history of Earth, we tell you, you are heading for another ice age. Oh yes. That raises all kinds of fears. It is not for many hundreds of years, but that is what is happening and as that movement goes forward, you will see minute changes starting to happen to create these changes that seem to be differences. This ice age will be preceded by a warming of Earth as she raises her vibrations and by weather pattern changes. Your fears about this are based on your belief that you can not live in an ice age but we ask you to re-member that you are evolving also. Adaptation is a human attribute that has gotten you past many of these shifts and it will do so again.

One of the changes that will be happening in the very near future is the change in the Crystal Energy coming into the Earth. The Crystal Energy coming into the Earth has been happening for over five years. You know that is what you call solar flares. The coronal mass ejections coming off the sun have been bringing in and storing Crystal Energy into the Earth which is helping Her to evolve—helping her to help you evolve and to create a space for that to happen. We tell you as we have told you in the beginning 5 years ago, that those will subside back to a normal rate in the year 2006. That is one of the next connections that you have coming. In the year 2006 it will happen. When that happens, some of your weather pattern changes will subside for a time for currently there is approximately a 3.5 month lag between the time the energy comes into the Earth and the effects are felt. You can see this in some of your history items, some of the things that have happened on your Earth whether you call them good or bad, some of them are direct effects of the coronal mass ejections sending the Crystal Energy to Earth. It has been stored in the tectonic plates and is coming up as you need it. That charging of the battery is almost done and will end somewhere in the year 2006 it will bring the coronal mass ejections back to a normal rate. In the meantime, the scientists are quietly wondering if the sun is about to end because so much energy has exploded from her that they cannot quite figure out where it came from in the first place or how many more of these can happen. We tell you, the sun is not what you think it is for no one has seen the backside of the sun or will you ever see the backside of the sun for it is not a planet that you believe it to be. It is a portal of energy. It is an opening between dimensional realities, not a hot burning ball of gas. It is a portal of Light.

As you understand some of these things, you will start to comprehend that there are natural changes underway. We cannot wait to see where you take it from here for as you adapt that to your own needs, as you adapt that to your _expression of your unique beauty, everything changes. We tell you there are wonderful times ahead. You are creating the opportunities even through the Earth to make massive changes in your reality and in the Earth Herself. Do not concern yourself with what we have spoken as the coming ice age. Instead of the focusing on destination, look to the journey and enjoy the ride.


Dear ones, we are honored to be here in your presence. We are honored to be with you in the small ways that we can to reflect your unique beauty so for just a moment you can see who you really are. It is not possible for us to pull the veil completely aside for if we did, you would all go Home. You would all say, “Why are we doing this?” And you would re-turn to the magnificence of Home. Instead, you are sitting there playing the Game, looking around, trying to figure out what it is all about, but in that search, you are bringing Home to Earth. You are creating heaven in your daily lives and that is where the magic is. We applaud you with all the wings in heaven for the wonderful job you are doing.

Know that it is simply a joy to watch you and we leave you with three simple reminders. As you play this Game, treat each other with respect. Nurture one another at every opportunity for when you nurture someone else, you are nurturing yourself. Play well together.


the Group

Copyright 2005. Steve Rother. This information is meant to circulate and may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided that this notice is included. This material may be used with the condition that all rights, including copyrights of translated material, remain with the original copyright holder. Further information from the Group may be found at: or through Lightworker at (702) 871 3317.
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Moments of Grace
John Cali

As many of you know, I normally don't pay much attention to the mainstream news media. But I have during this very difficult time in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

We’ve all heard many stories of the human horrors left festering in Katrina’s wake. And we’ve heard people in positions of responsibility, folks who should know better, pointing fingers and finding blame everywhere except in themselves.

CNN host Howard Kurtz exclaimed, "Good God, what is wrong with these people? Will they ever learn to see somebody else’s misfortune as something more than their political opportunity?"

But, for the first time in my personal memory, the mainstream news media are focusing not only on the bad news, but also almost as much on the good news, the news of all the "good Samaritans" out there.

National Public Radio reporter Robert Smith said "There’s no shortage of kindness, even if there is a shortage of space."

There have been, as another wise reporter said, "moments of grace." Moments that restore our faith in humanity, in ourselves, and in the basic goodness of life.

In an eloquent and poignant letter, a dear friend wrote me about her own moments of grace.

Here’s her letter:

Dear One,

On the subject of Hurricane Katrina, may I make a few comments? I live and work in Houston TX, as you may or may not know. There has been a plethora of accusations and blaming, but I feel those are people who've not yet learned that blaming and accusation get us nothing.

Rather I'd like to tell you that in my job as a rabbi's assistant, the very morning the hurricane made landfall, my phone was ringing non-stop with people saying "Tell me what to do, how can I help? I can't sit here doing nothing!" And it has continued to ring with that same sentiment ever since.

Houston citizenry has opened their hearts and homes and wallets, they have volunteered for feeding the hungry and clothing those who arrived here with only the shirt on their backs. They have sat with refugees and listened to them talk, something that many desperately needed. They have played with the children and brought toys.

As we continue to become more organized, there are solid plans in place so that the most can be accomplished to help the hurricane victims without duplicating efforts. People from all walks of life have stepped up to the plate and worked tirelessly.

People from nearly every state in the Union have called to volunteer parts of their homes, their vacation homes, air mattresses, anything they have to house those who've lost everything.

This country has not lost its heart nor its faith! I have a sign in my office that states (not my words) "I don't believe in miracles, I depend on them." And oh my goodness they abound here and I am grateful to be here.

Much love,
(Name omitted)

Here’s Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

If nothing else good comes from this, it’s certain it will create, already is creating, a much greater sense of oneness than has perhaps ever existed in your United States.

That sense of oneness, as it radiates its energy out to the world, will bring all of you, all over the planet, into a much different place than you have ever experienced before. It will bring you far closer to your dream of peace on earth than you have ever been. To paraphrase your writer, Charles Dickens, it is a far, far better place you go to than you have ever known.

There have been many stories of the big and little human tragedies and triumphs Katrina has created. It is clearly a time of transitioning, of quickening of the energies on your planet.

While many have died, none have died in vain. Even in this time of sadness, trauma, and many grisly scenes broadcast all over the planet -- even in this time of human terror -- there is much to rejoice in. There is much to celebrate. There is much you, as a human race, have to congratulate yourselves for.

You have come together -- most of you, though not all -- into a greater awareness of what it means to be human at this time on your beloved planet.

You are more aware -- and this happened in the blink of an eye -- of how deeply connected you are with each other and with all that is.

That greater awareness is one of the many blessings to come out of this time of human trial and trauma. There are many good people among you -- and all of you are of good intent. There is much good in all of you. You have far more in common than you have differences among you.

Celebrate yourselves. Be joyful in your knowing you are not lost, your world is not lost, your world is not broken, you are not broken. Know all is well.

Those who died were ready to move on. None of you dies except in the manner and timing only you decide, at some level of your awareness. Whether it be by "accident," so-called "natural causes," or by your own hand or that of another. You are in control.

And that is why we say no one died in vain. All who died were ready, and are now rejoicing in the loving embrace of their souls and all of us in these dimensions of spirit.

Their deaths have also given all of you still on earth another grand opportunity to remember who you truly are, and to embrace your humanness -- and each other.

Nothing happens haphazardly, not even so-called natural disasters such as Katrina. You live in an orderly universe where there are no accidents, no coincidences.

We realize it is hard for many of you to see it that way right now. But you will ultimately come to see the beauty and the perfection of all life, the "good" and the "bad."

All is well, friends. You are safe. You are in good hands. Your lives are simply one long succession of moments -- moments of grace.

Sentinels of the Sky: Conversations with Chief Joseph

© 2005 Great Western Publishing

[My thanks to my dear friend and brother, John Cali, for his liberal permission to use his material. I encourage you to visit John's web site and view the many things he has to offer there. ~ Shirl]

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


“Give yourself the freedom to make mistakes”

Today, give yourself the benefit of the doubt. Assume that what you have done and been was exactly right and release the hold the past has on you. Just let it be and allow yourself to be who you are. Do not hold your every action up for examination and judgment, second-guessing yourself continually. Was that the right decision? Should I have done this instead? Let that be. You did what you did and it was the best that you could do in that moment. And that is enough.

Make your choices, do what seems best and then let it be. You cannot possibly know all of the ripples which your action may cause on the pond of life in any event. Just let it be in peace and move on. In this moment, there is another choice to be made. Just go deep, find the answer and do what you believe you should do. Then relax and let it go.

If you are not making any mistakes, then you are not growing and learning, you are not stretching the possibilities of what you can do and become. Give yourself the freedom to make many mistakes. Just look upon these so-called failures as stepping stones to get you where you wish to go. Let each mistake and challenge propel you forward, not stop you in your tracks. Take what you learned, absorb it and then move on. Take the setback, learn from it and try again, this time taking on an even larger challenge.

Let each test and challenge make you wiser and stronger, building up your muscles of patience, understanding and self-confidence. After all, you survived. Congratulate yourself on having tried something new. Congratulate yourself on being courageous enough to take on a challenge.

Each brave act will lift you higher and let you know even more about yourself and those around you. There are no mistakes, no failures; there is only learning, only growth, being and becoming

Here is a little prayer for today

I am as I am and it is good. I trust myself to make choices and decisions. I trust myself to take action. I am strong and capable. I am full of faith and courage.

I do what I do and then release and relax, allowing life to unfold as she will.

I am at peace. I am one with all that is. I am.

* * *

If you missed any Quado messages, you will find them on . You will also find there powerful meditations and a Quado Healing Crystal, which will help you feel the connection to Quado and these words.

I wish that you may take on a challenge today!

Love & peace,


Thursday, September 01, 2005


"Indeed, it is a time of great change, a time when all the facets of Creation are striving to return to the harmony of unity consciousness from which they sprang. Those who remain on the fringes, and those who are unwilling to begin the process of awakening and integration will feel more and more isolated.

The sense of being alone and cut off will increase until they cry out in anguish, and reach out to those of you waiting to lovingly assist them back on the path and the homeward journey.

Eventually, we will all rejoin one with another, fully conscious and aware while unified in Spirit, within the dwelling place of our Father/Mother God. We are awaiting the opportunity to assist you to leap beyond the obstacles and boundaries which keep you ensnared in anything less than the balanced and harmonious vibrations of Love/Light.

"We implore you, do not become attached to any way of being, any one modality, any philosophy that is too narrow or too structured, and do not buy into any agreement that gives power to someone outside yourself. Always practice discernment, dear hearts, a God-given aspect of free will.

We cannot emphasize this enough, for as quickly as an apparent truth comes forth and you incorporate it into your belief system, it may be superseded by a higher truth, or a new concept. In looking back, can you not see that much of the knowledge you now accept as your absolute truth was beyond your wildest imagining five years ago, or even a year ago? Be aware that what you are so certain about today will undoubtedly change tomorrow or next week. That is why you are feeling so vulnerable, beloved ones, you are shedding density and integrating Light, and so is your world and everyone around you.

"You cannot fail, you can only hold yourself back and create discomfort if you struggle and keep yourself submerged in the old density. Accept these most precious gifts that are being offered, become your own sacred witness as you glean, sort, release and refine the information and experiences that move into higher, more refined awareness.

Do not become bogged down or attached to any set pattern or belief structure as you gradually emerge from the cocoon of a physical-human Being into the crystalline form of a spiritual-human Being. Allow yourself to ride the crest of the mighty waves of transformation. Remember, as you move quickly along the narrow path toward illumination, it is your own private journey and no one else can tell you how to proceed; however, we are ever near to assist and protect you. We are only a heartbeat and a thought away, beloveds."

~ Archangel Michael ~
Through Ronna Herman

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