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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My Little Secret:

It seems rather often that others ask me how it is we can step forth in love for all. How we can open our heart centers fully and remove the walls and blocks that prevent us from going forth in love every moment as we go about our daily tasks.

We have not understood clearly that manifestation, those specific steps and universal laws that govern manifestation, do not apply only to material creation. They apply to all things we wish to bring forth, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or any other form we can imagine. There in lies my secret.

I assume that everyone wants love, and they want it from me. Deep within we know this is true. We each desire pure, unrestricted, unconditional love from one who expects nothing in return. We will gladly accept it from any who offer it fully even when we are not certain that we know how to accept it or how to return it. Any who may turn away from our offering of love do so because they do not feel worthy or do not understand that we require nothing of them in return. There is no condition to be met for them to have all the love we offer to them. On the rare occasions that others seem to draw away from my overt acts of love directed at them, I do not accept that they do not wish to be the recipient. I continue to go to them to offer that beautiful love from Source that flows to me and through me. They are not rebuffing me. It is not personal. They are just asking for more information, and a clearer understanding.

All those who have mastered the elements of manifestation know certainly that one of the most important steps is to “act as if the desired outcome already exists.” And if you have understanding of NOW, you understand that everything you can imagine or create in your mind, heart, soul and spirit does already exist. There is no past, present or future. There is only NOW. In the sense of the spiritual beings that we all are, I would suggest that you may change the word “act” to “know.”

I express the love I willingly share in many ways, but the most overt and physical expression of that love is through hugging. It is a wonderful way to exchange energies with another and the truth of what it expresses cannot be hidden. A hug tells me a lot about the other person and their energetic state. I know that they in turn can read my intent and understand at a deep level what it is I wish to give to them. As I KNOW that love exists within me and wants to be shared with others, I know that they wish to love me as well.

I view love as the basis for everything. So it is not a difficult step to understand that every attribute I wish to incorporate into my being may be achieved in the same steps of manifestation. I wish to be a Master in being upon this earth. I Know that by acting as a Master upon this earth, I AM. When we wish to learn to ride a bicycle, we have many starts and stops as we learn to balance and trust the mastery required. But deep within we know that we will learn to ride it. It seems somewhere inside that we already know how to ride it. If we did not, we would never do the practicing that allows us to master the skills required. It is truly no different with any attribute we wish to acquire. Know that we already have it. Practice to perfect the skills. Claim it as our own. It must then manifest in our lives.

Sometimes others have said to me, I cannot do this or that, because if I act as if I am already there, it is a lie. I am not there. Now that is an interesting concept and even more interesting that we choose such stumbling blocks to excuse our unwillingness to even attempt to master something. It is challenging to be sure to know that you have everything you need in abundance when all around you there seems to be lack. When we are willing to step into that NOW moment and truly know that everything we need is and will be supplied, it is then that we have true abundance.

Nothing appears to accelerate this process of being open to receive abundance than being grateful for all that we presently have in our lives. When we dwell on lack, we manifest lack. When we dwell on the amazing abundance already present in our lives, we create the opportunity for more abundance. When we believe that we deserve and have everything abundantly it comes forth to bless us.

All that is required of us is to act on the opportunities as they appear before us. If you deeply desire love in your life, yet you do not reach out to others in love every opportunity you have, then how can it manifest? It is no different with any other attribute you wish to bring into your life.

Do I make mistakes and missteps? Of course I do. It is all a part of learning. Allow yourself your mistakes, allow others theirs, for they are only practice steps that brought you more information on how you may master what it is you desire to incorporate into your being. We have had a self-defeating habit of chastising ourselves for mistakes. They should instead be a celebration of our willingness to learn and work towards our goal. I doubt that many of us have been successful at anything we have attempted on the first faltering step of accomplishment. It is the dedication to taking the steps, one after another, regardless how less than perfect they may appear at that moment. When you are in the process of learning, you are never in the process of failing. You cannot fail if you continue to take the steps, continue to practice until you accomplish what you desire. There is nothing you cannot accomplish. But if you don’t participate you can never reach the destination.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you can love everyone, there are just too many evil and meanspirited people in the world for me.

5:09 PM MDT  

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