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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What I know about Ascension

There are no dates and days, months or years when any given project will culminate. There are only energies in sufficient frequency to bring forth a change in focus. Many years ago Archangel Michael (and many others) told us, don't look to dates, but watch the events and feel the energies, for in the energies are the foretellers of things to come. The most Probable Possibilites.

Ascension is a process NOT an event. And I will tell you in the process of ascension, among those of us on the leading edge of thought, there are ones at this moment in many different phases and levels of that process.

Some are already in the higher vibration all of the time, whether they appear to be physically present on the earth or not. There are those who continually move between the higher realms and the earth energies to interact in the process of awakening. Some of us who are drawn to spend more and more time in higher frequency will do so, and yet we may continue to return to the lesser frequency of the earth in change, to point the willing to a new focus.

If you turn 90 degrees in any direction, and place your focus there, you will indeed understand a new role that you will choose to assume. The incremental steps that we each will take to serve the best and highest interest of all in the Divine Plan, are there before us. However they appear before you, follow your heart and your inner urgings. . .if it seems too far out there, too crazy, follow it anyway. You will know. Listen to the voice within.

In my experience, it is highly likely that no one is going to knock on your door and tell you it is time to go. One of the things that you will find is that the desire to stay in higher places is overwhelming. Also know that if that is the best place that you can serve the greatest good you may allow yourself to stay there. You will not feel that tug of being drawn to go, yet feeling you should stay on the earth plane. It will be a very clear feeling.

You may indeed find that you are perfectly in tune with either frequency. . .to stay will be wonderful, a feeling of resting in the arms of total love. . . to travel back to the earth frequency will feel just as wonderful, infused with a beautiful feeling of being wrapped in a love beyond any yet known on this planet. There is no pulling or feeling of concern about which is the "right" choice. . .it is either choice is just as "right" and it is more of "where can I do the most good in this now moment." It is not a long term choice, but an in the moment choice.

If those on the earth are calling forth for you, it will not be a surprise that you will be just fine with going back to work and share with them. Each time you bring back a newly renewed version of you. . .a calm and peace that is infused with certainty. There is joy in that. And it is only a "for this moment" decision.

The distaste that some of us have felt at being on the earth in its current state of disarray, evaporates. There is a clearer picture to be had and your journeys to higher vibrational experiences will wipe the remnants of the veils from your eyes. As our physical bodies can tolerate the upgrades, we will hold more and more of the divine God/Goddess energy and accomplish all the miraculous we ever wanted to command when it serves a divine purpose.

There is no need to concern yourself how it looks, or if you will seem to appear visible or invisible or dead to the physical or no different at all. And it makes no difference "when" . . .for it is NOW. It is always Now. It will appear exactly how it appears to those viewing the experience and you will not care one bit what that is, or when that is.

Your certainty will become very certain. The feelings of uncertainty will evaporate. You will not consciously know everything, for within you there is a connection to all that you need to know in any moment you need it. It is the moment of complete trust. All will be given you as you trust that it will.

I bring this back from my journey last night and I share it with you in love and encouragement. No two journeys look exactly alike. Yours will unfold for you in the most perfect way that matches your divine intent and beautiful individuality.

I have no doubt many of you know all of this already. . .just allow this as validation and encouragement.

One with you In Love


Blogger SallyCat said...

Ascension as a process and a journey...

Shirl everything I read on your blog makes me feel more serene and peaceful. Bless you for your writing and being here.

9:54 AM MDT  
Blogger Shirl said...

Thank you. I am so happy doing this and sharing what I can with you and others. It is my life's most important focus and it certainly makes my heart sing.

It is my fondest wish that everyone will find the thing that makes their heart sing and live their lives in joy and peace. After all, we are all doomed to perfection.


10:07 AM MDT  

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