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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Example of Lists:

My good Qualities

Sense of humor

Down to earth
Educated Willing to help
Hard worker Playful
Nice appearance

Traits I would like to Change:

Self-consciousness Sometimes
Too introspective
Can be self-absorbed
Not good with money
Anger at myself
Want to control things
Don*t speak up
Others opinions matter too much
Hard on myself
Don*t always complete things
Getting my own way
I hate to be wrong
Trying to fix it
Tell others what they want to hear
Decision making stinks
Caring if others like me

And/or any or all other things that come to your mind that fit your understanding of who it is you are.

Sample Statement of *who I am*:

I am a funny, cheerful person who likes to laugh a lot. I am well educated and I like to be around other people, yet I also like to have my alone time. I can be very outgoing but I can also be withdrawn or introspective. I like to ponder things a lot, and I like to have deep discussions with others about topics of interest. Sometimes I can be very silly and playful, other times I am too serious and not wanting to look foolish. I tend to ignore things I don*t want to look at, at least until I have no other option. Sometimes I just jump right in there and take care of it right away, sometimes not. I think people either like me or they don*t particularly care one way or the other. I am not exactly a lightening rod of controversy. I don*t always stand my ground on things, especially when I don*t think it is such a big deal to make a fuss over. I let people take advantage of me, but I don*t think I take advantage of others. I don*t like my looks that much, but I am usually neat, clean and reasonably appropriately dressed. I try to be honest with everyone, but sometimes I leave some of the information out and let others draw their own conclusions, even if I know their conclusion is not the correct one. I am nowhere near as confident as I appear to be.

I am very loyal and devoted to my friends. I am a hard worker if it is required. I can be lazy if I don*t think something is pressing. I am quick to forgive others, but I am hard on myself. I expect perfection from me and it doesn*t seem like I ever get it. I like to please others and often offer to do more than I am able to really do well. I think others can always count on me in an emergency or when they are having a really rough time of it. I am a good listener, but I probably give too much advice. I am really great in an emergency because I become very calm and seem to be able to figure out what we should do until the emergency passes. I have a good heart and I always intend the best even when I screw up.

I*m a really good dancer and I am a fabulous cook. I like to give and attend dinner parties. I prefer associating mostly with people who have similar interests and backgrounds. I know quite a lot about quite a few subjects so I can usually mix very well with others. Sometimes I am struck down with shyness and if the other people I am around don*t draw me out or show that they are interested in talking to me, I can be very, very silent. I have lots of opinions about lots of things and I generally am pretty happy to tell others what my opinions are. I like to make my point about things and I like for others to at least acknowledge that they got my point or maybe are even interested in it. *

*This is all fiction, but it gives you some idea of how people describe themselves.

Sample of *Who I want to become* :

I would like to be the type of person others can rely on. I want others to respect me and I want to respect myself. I would like to finish college and become a really good artist and be able to make my living painting portraits and landscapes. A long time ago I was told I had some artistic talent, but I seem to have lost it and I would like to get it back.

I would like to be stronger with other people. I want to value myself enough that I make the choices I want for the things I really want to do and stop always running to do things for other people.

I want to be totally honest with everyone, but not in a hurtful way. I want to be able to control my temper and not let others push my buttons so often. I want a relationship with someone who truly loves me but is able to let me be who I am and not always trying to change me. I want my own time and space to do the things that please and nourish me, but I also want loving, intimate time with my partner or spouse. I want to be able to not be so deeply hurt by others remarks and hurtful actions. I want to have a *killer* body and wear nice clothes.

I would like to be able to not care what others think of me, because I am so secure in who I am. I really want to know who I am and be that person all of the time. *

Again, this is all fictitious, but it gives you some ideas about how these things might be expressed.


Now that you have done these exercises, you should have some insights into who you think you are and who you would like to become. Were you totally honest with yourself in regard to your good qualities? Were you honest about your less desirable qualities? If so, we can truly begin to change the things that aren*t working well for you and bring forth who it is you wish to be.

Now go back and review your lists. Change or reword anything you think you weren*t really honest about or add to it something else that may have come to mind. Are you beginning to know who you are now?

Look at the list of traits that you feel are your good qualities. Consider each one and think of how you might like to improve them and make them shine forth even more. You may hold this as a thought or you may make a new list as you consider each of these items. Pick specifically the ones that you feel you would really like to emphasize and make your *Star Qualities.* Three or four of what makes your heart sing, or as many as you think you would like to put extra focus on. Here you may also add those qualities you don*t think you have very much or any of but you wish you had. Remember there is no qualifier here. You do not need to take anything into consideration, not talent, time, age, looks, education, training, money or lack of money. .Nothing disqualifies you from these qualities you wish to add to your Star List. The world is your playground and there are no barriers here.

Let*s then take a look at your list of less desirable traits. How are these things hampering your success and joy in your life? Are some of these actually major blocks to your feelings of worth and accomplishment? Do some of these traits cause you problems in dealing with other people, your spouse, significant other, your friends, or your family?

I am passing out your Magic Wands now, and as you take yours in hand, I would like you to pick the traits that you think are the most detrimental to you and wave your Magic Wand over them. Say the magic words, *I am in control of creating who I am,* and see what happens. What? Nothing happened? Okay then, let*s take a different approach. Tear or cut a piece of paper into strips of about two inches high. On each strip of paper write again each one of the traits that you absolutely wish to change forever into a more positive quality of who you are becoming. After you are finished with your writing, I want you to draw one line through what you have written there and I want you to turn the strip of paper over and write the positive version of that trait you are now going to begin to incorporate into your life. Do not use the word *not* or any other negative expression of this statement. This is a positive statement. You may not express a positive statement by saying, * I am not going to do. . .* something. It is I AM, always.

For example:

*I am a tolerant and caring person.*

*I respect others rights to have their own opinions regardless of how vastly they may differ from mine. *

*I allow others to be who they are without the need to change them.*

*Others* opinions of me are none of my business.*

*I recognize my feelings of anger or irritation and transform them into a thoughtful recognition of the real underlying emotions they come from.*

*I am worthy of everything the Universe has to offer.*

*I take time to express my gratitude every day for all that I have.*

If you are having difficulty wording your statement in a very positive and uplifting way, I will be glad to help you with it. And if you are having difficulties with positive statements, as most of us have at some point, it is really pause for thought. It is an indicator of just how much negative influence we allow in our lives all of the time.

Fortunately, we are going to change that. And I am going to offer you some tools to help you change that. How much energy and intention you put into the use of the tools will very much determine how quickly the changes come about.

Any question and comments about what we have done so far?

Okay, so now you have a pile of strips of paper in front of you. On one side the less than desirable trait that has been lined out, and on the other side is written the new positive statement of the trait you are going to incorporate into who you are. This is the brand new you that you are creating. Pretty exciting isn*t it?

You also have a written statement of whom it is you wish to become. Is there anything there that you would like to change or add? Now is the time to do that and make it a truly bold statement of who you are becoming.

Now you have your amazing statement of whom you are becoming and a whole pile of strips of paper in front of you. Take out a long business sized envelope, fold the sheet of paper with your Star Quality Statement on so it will fit in the envelope, put it into the envelope along with all those strips of paper. That*s right get it all in there and then seal the envelope securely. Turn the envelope over so you can address it. Put your first name or any first name if you feel so powerless that you don*t wish to use your own in the upper left hand corner. Nothing else. Now write in the address area of the envelope this address to send it to:

The Universe
Fulfiller of All Desires
Beyond, Beyond 11111

I know you have all noticed the large bunch of helium filled brightly colored balloons I have up here at the front of the room. I want you to each come up and take one and then go to the table here in front and punch a hole in the end of the envelope so you can slip it on the string that the balloon is tied with. Once you have it on the string bring the string up and tie the envelope in place.

Here comes the fun part. We are going to go out to the parking lot, just outside this door here and we are going to send our balloons off into the Universe so that the Universe can send back to us exactly what we have asked for.

Since we are not in a face to face setting and you may or may not have a helium filled balloon handy, I would suggest that we go outside, find a clear and safe area and use an empty coffee can or a charcoal grill or some safe metal or stone area and put a match to your envelope. As you watch the flames burn and the smoke rise from the envelope imagine that your request to the universe is fully encompassed in the smoke that rises and carries your desires upward on the divine winds of change and transformation.

Once you have made your request, you only need to be aware of where your focus is. . .is it negative or is it positive? How can you change it from negative to positive? I don't want you to become burdened or obsessive about this, but be aware, change what you wish and do it without blaming or chastising yourself. Just make a correction and move on.

Here we go. . . !!!
(Continued in Part III ~ to be posted at a later date)


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