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Friday, September 16, 2005

Greetings from Home.
(Photo of Barbara and Steve Rother,
Steve brings the messages of The Group)

Dear Ones, you have created an opportunity to come together in the light. You have come together for the opportunity to look into each other’s eyes and to create a magnificent reflection, for each one of you carries a piece of unique beauty which is beyond description. That unique beauty is a part of God; it is the piece of God that is within you. By placing that wonderful veil over your face, your own unique beauty is one thing that is well hidden from your own view. You look into a mirror and say, “Oh, I wonder how I got this mark here? or “Where did these brown spots come from?” You find all the imperfections in your reflection, but we tell you that those imperfections are your unique beauty and what make you special. We wish to speak of your unique beauty this day. But first, we wish to explain another concept that we will help tie all this together for you a little later in this message.

What is Light and Lightwork?

We wish to speak of light itself. You are currently watching a reflection of light; the light you perceive is actually energy. When we speak of the word ‘light,’ it is not only the light you see emanating from the sun and coming from these artificial lights that you call electric light bulbs. Light is an energy that is transmitted between you and everything that you gaze upon. Every part of you emanates light. You are truly Lightworkers of the New Energy. That is who you are. It is not what you came to do. It is not anything that you have studied or accomplished. It is the essence of who you are—simply by being. So let us speak of light, for you see light as something that emanates out. What really happens to a beam of light that is sent out from Earth. You see light as a beam, as a ray that goes out into the Universe and then reaches a saturation point and stops. For if you take one of your flashlights on a very dark night, it will only shine up to a certain distance and then it appears to stop. What happens to that light? Where does it go?

First of all, let us tell you that it never travels in the straight line that you believe it does. That line is curved and the arc of what you call light emanates throughout every part of energy that you see. The illusion of linear time in which you play your game is curved as well. We tell you that what you think of as past, present and future is also not a straight line. It is instead a curved arc. If you pull back far enough, you will see that all of these arcs join to create huge circles. Therefore, it could be said that these are actually circles of light. But as we have said, light is energy and energy has four basic attributes. The first is that energy ‘is’. It does not begin and never dies, it only transforms from one form to another. The second is that energy is dynamic and must move to exist. The third is that energy always seeks the path of least resistance. And the fourth is that all energy is based on the Universal Energy field that underlies everything.

So if energy never dies and light is energy, what happens to the light when you shine it into the darkness and it does not reach its destination? The light transmutes into other forms of energy. Even the lights that you see in the room you are in are literally a conversion of one form of energy into another, in this case heat and photons. Therefore, light that seems to dissipate in the darkness does in fact transform into other forms of energy. The light that you use to light your rooms is only a very small bandwidth of truly full spectrum light. Light in its purest form carries energy that, when transmuted, feeds you with important nutrients that nourish your soul. These are the nutrients from Home that allow you to re-member just enough to allow you lay the game of pretending to be separate on Earth. The energy that real light holds creates the environment in which you live. If you neglect to nourish your being with light, you will cease to exist on the earth plane.

Now when a beam of truly full spectrum light goes out into the universe it also seems to dissipate into the darkness, almost as if it were being absorbed by the dark. In a sense that is true, yet light being energy can never die and simply transforms so it can be of use in other ways. When full spectrum light transforms, as energy it always follows the path of least resistance. What you are generally not aware of is that full spectrum light is interdimensional and often drifts into other dimensions when it appears to be fading into the darkness of your reality. In fact, one of the dimensions that experiences your transmuted light is the dimension in which we exist and the dimension you call Home. Likewise we often send light into your world in a similar manner. This you know to be the Light of Home and it feeds your soul in ways that you have no words for. The main portal for light that we use is what you call your solar sun. As the Light of Home reaches humanity, something magical happens. One of the nutrients from Home that light transforms into as it enters humans is love. Love is the light energy transmuted into a form that can be used by spirits playing the game of pretending to be separate. This is the game you call being human. As humans, you feel light as love; therefore, if you wish to reflect light, you do so through love. You can see why it is often said that your love is light or love is the _expression of God and to love is divine. You do so through your own love and your reflection of love. There are two ways to work with light. You can be the light, or you can reflect the light. Each of you will do both and both forms of lightwork are expressions of your divinity. Therefore, a Lightworker is a title bestowed upon all who consciously choose to spread light.

The other most important part is love of self, for that is the trueness of who you are. Love of self is the most difficult reflection for you to perceive. The most difficult part for you to understand is that love of self is actually the love of God. It is the greatest thing throughout all of that is and the one part that connects you with every other being. So what we offer you today is two-fold: how you first find that unique beauty first in yourself, and how do you may help others to find their own unique beauty.

The Cycle of Light

We wish to tell you about what we call the Circle of Light or the Cycle of Light, for as it transmutes from one form into another, different things can happen. Since light is interdimensional, as light enters your being it reflects many dimensions of your soul. Let us re-mind you and take you back to the very early days of humanity and the first 500 souls who first visited Earth. Each one of you is a direct descendent of one of the 500 original souls on Earth. There are only 500 prototypes from which all of you emanate. But what of those first 500? We tell you that it was important for each one of those 500 to be different and to express the illusion of separateness by being unique. Each one of them would reflect the light from Home differently than all the others. That way God could see himself/herself. The first 500 souls were the actualization of God in finite form, and to accomplish that it was necessary for each soul to be different. The Universal Energy is the base energy that is always in the motion of equalizing. Therefore, when you pulled yourself into separatism by being a unique _expression of God the Universal Energy has the natural reaction of wanting to pull you back together as one. Finding, re-membering and expressing your own unique beauty now becomes the most important part of the game. Since the beginning of humanity, the Universal Energy has been helping you to find the commonalities in one another, to find the similarities of your unique expressions of God. That is not easy; it is a major difficulty in being human. In fact, being human is one of the most difficult parts to play throughout All That Is, for it is not an easy lesson to place that veil over your face and forget your magnificence. It becomes the biggest challenge of All That Is. What we tell you is that if it were easy, everyone would be human.

In the beginning that separateness was most important, and for eons of time you have been looking for the similarities that bring you back together. For eons of time, your cultures, your energies, your schools, your churches, all your societies have been built on your commonalities. We tell you, that has been very helpful for all of you for it is bringing you back into unity consciousness. Yet, that does not mean that you need to lose your unique beauty to be able to express unity. In fact the opposite is true. Stepping into unity is only possible by carrying your unique beauty into its fullest _expression.

The challenge is that humans, living in a field of polarity, tend to go one way or the other and rarely balance the concept of unity with the concept of unique beauty. Both must be present to take the next step in your evolution. Now, more than ever will come a grass roots effort to find commonalities between humans. Do not look for your leaders to create it for you, rather use the tools that you have and make the connections yourself. The new technologies of communication have opened the door for you to talk to each other freely and openly. If you use communication to search out unique beauty while finding the commonalities, in fact you are spreading light on your planet. We tell you there would be no war on Earth if all your focus would be as on how you are alike instead of how you are separate. Humans fear what they do not understand. Any time they see someone with attributes that they do not fully understand, they fall into fear. Since fear is only a lack of information, one can seek the understanding they are lacking or react to the fear. This has been the basis of all war on Earth and we tell you that now you no longer have the same need for those wars.

Now that you are stepping into a higher vibrational state, you are stepping into an opportunity for you to understand yourselves as creators. As conscious creators, we ask that you simply find the opportunities for you to discover and stand in your own unique beauty, while searching for the commonalities and understanding the connection that you have for all things around you. Look for those opportunities to find a reflection of your unique beauty in all that you perceive. This is creating the NEW Family of Light. That is where the magic is. That is what you have come here to do and you are doing it well.

Unique Beauty

You need to understand that you have already won the Game. You are sitting around asking, “What can I do? How can I help? What is the next step in our evolution so I can be there to plant those seeds?” And we applaud you, dear ones, and stand beside you always waiting for our opportunities to reflect your light. You come to sit in our energy. You read our messages. You watch the movies and the broadcasts so that you can re-member Home and you can charge yourself up. What you do not understand is that we do the same with you. This is the Light from Home that flows freely between our dimension and yours. What you may not understand is that we are honored to be in your presence. You are the magnificent ones who have had the courage to put on the veil and forget who you are so that God could have a glimpse of God. You are the ones that have created All That Is at a new, higher level. Every day it is becoming more important for you to understand your true place in the Universe. Every day it is becoming more and more important that you understand you carry a unique part of God that nobody else has. Instead of being ashamed of what your beliefs have told you is an imperfection that you carry, find a way to stand in your uniqueness and make it your beauty. The difference between beauty and what you call ugliness is only a slight shift of perception.

Even the human beauty that you see when you look in your magazines at what you consider to be beautiful people, are simply a composite of thoughts that you have collected as you have searched for a definition of beauty. Every time you look at something you think is beautiful, you file it away somewhere and you blend it together until there is one composite beautiful person in the back of your brain. Many times a visual person will find a close match to this composite belief and think they have found the person of their dreams only to marry them and find out differently. Every time you look at someone, you measure that against this beautiful person you carry in your mind. That is your definition of beauty. We tell you, as you become higher vibrational people, as you step even further into your own _expression of divine beauty, you will no longer measure that definition of beauty against these concepts that you carry in your head. Instead you will measure them against concepts that you carry in your heart. In truth, the beauty of your own heart is based on the unique beauty of God that you hold. That is why it is becoming more important to shift your perception of yourself to find and hold that beauty proudly.

(Continuted on Part 2)


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