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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where Am I?

Posted by shirlstars on August 15, 2009

The magnitude of everything that is encompassing my life these days is astonishing. Yet it is barely noticable in the “see-able” world around me. To those who might be looking my way, giving a glance in my direction, it would seem I pass the days in quiet, slow moving, unfettered shuffling about not doing much of anything. Although they may notice occaisional bursts of creative energy spent in constructing useful and perhaps visually attractive items from “useless” scraps of wood. On the exterior I think they do not see much from me.

Within, however, there is an amazing smorgasbord of changes, releasing of the “old ways,” deeper understandings of all things, endless and unfettered joy, deep awareness of earth and sky and clouds and mountains and rocks and plants and animals, birds, wind, rain, clouds. . . .rainbows. . .sun and moon and stars. . .planets, the physics of all things, and most assuredly the wonders of the unseen in physical terms of things.

It is an intoxicating time of living in between two (or more) worlds. I am overjoyed with living in any or all of them. It is all quite wonderfully interesting, exciting, odd, yet familiar. I am finally beginning to understand first hand why we chose to participate in this earth experience. Sure, I have known from the “other” perspective what we have been reminded of and why “we” came here in the first place, but this. . .this is something else. . .this is a personal cognitive understanding of the why. And it is surprising to me that it all feels so magnificent now as opposed the many times it felt like drudgery, obligation, a not so delightful voluntary service that often had me asking “what was I thinking?”

The winds of change and ever evolving consciousness expansion are here and in force. The “when will it ever happen?” has become the “NOW it is here.”

It is all in flux and change is GOOD. The adventures of every next NOW moment are irresistible!


Scrap Wood Planter

Scrap Wood Planter

Bar-B-Que Side Table

Bar-B-Que Side Table

Scrap wood storage bench - 1

Scrap wood storage bench - 1

scrap wood storage bench Inside view

scrap wood storage bench Inside view

Loves and Hugs to all



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