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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

With Fervour and Goodly Intent !
March 23.2008

What a veritable abundance of incoming energies are we experiencing over these days of multi faceted inputs which are both extra-ordinary and exceptionally variable in their content and overall effect upon all of us, and beloved Mother Earth. What a month this is developing into as the energies of the spring equinox yield forth their profound promise of continued rebirth and it's elements, as the Deva's and Elemental's gambol productively and frivolously through the fauna and flora. What an amazing sea ‘meditation' has taken place as the annual ocean cleansing has afforded the water masses, the lakes, rivers and streams to undergo their ‘spring cleaning' of such potent-reality allowing Poseidon, Mother Nature with Pan, the cetaceans and waters elementals a re-birth-day to remember.

The grand Solar Wave lived up to its exciting promise in sending forth such a knock on effect of vibrant energies around this beautiful planet in this beautiful Solar System and Universe! The waves of change were felt reverberating around with such a hue of majestic splendour as wave upon wave of ever faithful light-workers globally - AND echoed also in the universe - created such an overal effect upon the various grids and ley-lines around the planet. This event was divinely orchestrated and the results are yet to be seen in the days to come as another ‘note or tone'

resounds throughout the heavens, enjoyed and aided by the hosts of angelics with their accompanying loving prowess and resilience.
The traditional annual event of Easter was also a backcloth to these energy shifts and wonderments as the CELEBRATION of REBIRTH was again positively emphasised and enjoyed by all whose focus on these days has built a continued resultant space of sacred energy. It is an on-growing expansive energy of ever lighter realisation, leaving behind the old misconceptions of dire, death and torture and the then common crucifying! Beloved Jeshua Ben Joseph, was a way shower at those times, oft misinterpreted, and has shown those with eyes to see, that there is no death - only rebirth, growth and expansive eternal LIFE.

The beat of ‘ten thousand drums' were also heard resounding around the globe as the earthly tempo picked up and onwards, likening to the planetary heartbeat pulsing forth it's rhyme and rhythm with fervour and goodly intent. Nothing will ever be the same as all these events and others, that are maybe not here penned, collectively have co-created and coordinated a new template and matrix for the ever increasing light quotient to progress in continuing magical momentum. The magic is, was, and will be co-created by the host's of many angels, star visitors, light-workers, star-seeds, cetaceans, elemental deva's, flora and fuana - and Christed beings here incarnate on Mother Earth.

We flex once again our spiritual muscles and assume the role of conduits and conductors for all these incoming vibrant energies. They will continue to caress and bless, to heal and to uplift, to awaken and enlighten, to sort out the wheat from the chaff, to be our constant companion throughout the ages. We are co-creating destiny. We are co-creating a pathway for the many to follow. We are the vanguard of the fleet and as such we allow the full force of the ‘winds of change' to fill our sails to capacity as they billow in the heavens at full speed ahead. We are, were, and always will be, the ones that we have been waiting for!

(c)Alec Christos Gabbitas England


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