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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thinking About Gratitude
~ by Shirl

Recently I watched "Fierce Grace" the story of Ram Daas. It is a lovely story of a man who found his path along his journey. I enjoyed it and while enjoying it revealed to myself some of my prejudices. Still holding on to some of my resistance of anything that has the appearance of "religion" or structured belief. That is so old and so not pertinent to anything of spirit. Perhaps it is just so that I have held on to aspects of this for many lifetimes. From another perspective, this watching of the film is a continuation of things in my awareness of late. Seeing that all who seek spirit, who seek the validity of who they are in highest truth have process that is very similar. That seeing for me is comfort and validation that although we may have come to it in a different way, through a different process, that in some things, some areas, we have exceeded our most extravagant expectations.

It keeps being shown to me these past weeks that we have extraordinarily succeeded in our quest, in our seeking. I say this with no thought of ego nor praise that we have accomplished more than others or that we have done anything that all cannot do as they choose it, or have done and continue to do. It appears to be merely a recognition of what IS. It is the filling up of ultimate self-love. The love of self that is the love of all. Being filled with pure love of self is that which expands us to pour it out on all those around us, to all.

As we perceive that we are unfinished masterpieces of creation, as we are sometimes acutely aware of those aspects of self that seem less than we hoped they would be, as we sometimes take note of our "faults" this self love brings forth in us the knowledge that we are divinely perfect now, just as we are. There is nothing to chastise ourselves for, only to encourage ourselves into a place of greater grace and perfecting of all that we are becoming.

What this stirs in me is amazing and overwhelming gratitude for the journey, for the discovery for all that is as it unfolds before me. This type of gratitude only comes from a place of pure love. And pure love only brings forth greater amounts of gratitude.

My entire lifetime this time has re-written itself from a perspective of my deep abiding gratitude for all of it just as I perceived it in my experience. . .and the breathtaking change of my perspective of what it all meant and how it directed my choices and experiences. It has all been masterful in its teaching me and guiding me towards this place of knowing.

In my association with your hearts and being-ness, I know your place of IS in this now is similar and expansive and inclusive.

Always I love to hear your stories of how it is with you. If you care to share them with me, I am here.

Blessings and love


Ram Daas, books "Be Here, Now" and "Still Here"

DVD available at NetFlix and other rental places: Fierce Grace


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