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Saturday, February 17, 2007

~ Shirl

There is a line I've drawn, out there in the starry places. It is of variable design and pattern, hardly a straight line from here to anywhere. Most certainly it is not a demarcation of one side or the other of anything. It is what I have called a "time line" of sorts. A place where all times and all things exist simultaneously in their variety of color, themes and light.

I enjoy moving along its length, height and breadth where movement and still shots equally are available in any stage of evolving wonderment.

There was a purpose more than my child-like enjoyment for this pathway through the stars. I consider myself now as much a map maker as an artist (f drawing lines is art). Surely it is a map if one can consider such things as music, rhythm, sound, color geometries, mathematics and light to be chartable things.

As to when I have drawn this, it must be said it was in some always space of existing things. For everything is within the always, is it not? It could just as well be said that it may not have been this presentation of me, but rather some other cumulative aspects of a greater version of me that made this graffiti among the stars. None the less, I have felt ownership of its appearance and function just as I have no hesitance to claim myself the creator of these starlines.

It's purpose? What is it for. . .I can hear you asking. It is a grand place to dance, to imagine oneself a "tight rope" walker, to bounce upon, to dangle from by two fingers, to skate upon as the edges of infinity. It is malleable, flexing hither and yon without discretion or concern. It is a grand place to play.

Within or along or encompassed by this lovely playground is access to every door we have thought closed to us, every place we imagined but thought we could not travel to, every era of every time/space that exists in always, past, present, future. . .it is all there and in far more detail than incarnate minds can comprehend. Past-past, Past-Present, Past-Future, Present-past, Present-present, Present-future, Future-Past, Future-present and Future-future. . .all existing in no ordered progression whatsoever. They do not follow each other marching along orderly in any alphabetized, numbered or otherwise coded system. Any step may be backward-backward or forward-backward. The combinations are endless and always. It is like opening beautifully wrapped presents and becoming that which was hidden within.

The many presentations of "us" are there as well, the many presentations of all beings are accessible with such ease and pure joy that there seem to be no words for it in our earth language. There are possibilities endless.

When I first became aware that I was traveling here among the stars, it was so beautiful and awesomely encompassing I was willing to give up my presumed need to understand where, what, who, why. BEing here was enough. Indeed it was/is a grander euphoria than any drug excursion I have ever heard of. When I speak of LOVE to you in my many words offered there is no earth concept of it that can begin to express it. That is the drug of here, LOVE. That is the euphoria of here, LOVE. It has a far greater meaning than what we ascribe to it in our physical existence. We haven't invented the words yet that can even scratch the surface of it.

I will tell you why I drew the line, and take that in its multi-layered meaning. I am a most adventurous soul. Even when things are a bit tenuous and confusing, I am willing to take the journey and see what there is to see, experience what there is to experience, feel what there is to feel. Some of you are like that as well. Some are not. Neither way is better than the other, just different. So I drew the line because I intend to be your (and my own)journey guide should you choose to explore the stars and multi-verse and the spaces between the molecules. Not because one is required. Not because you are not equally or more capable of doing it by yourself. Because I want to offer a little surety that all is well on your journey. Because if it becomes too confusing you might feel apprehensive, and there is no need for that. And just because I love your company.

So when I tell you I am not connecting much to 3D earth just now, this is what I am talking about. Traveling among the stars into always. There is no being or force that is suggesting I must do this. I do it because I love it. I do it because it enhances all the parts of me. I do it because of LOVE. I have chosen it as my way. And there is much more in it for me (and you) than mere star travel or molecule excursions. It is the grandest Library ever imagined. It is more Max than any I-Max ever envisioned, it is more JOY than can be contained and more LOVE than comprehensible. It is All That IS.

I am holding out my hand to you, inviting you to join me any "time" you wish. If you are somewhat timid or less adventurous, fear not, all is well with your soul. If fear is something you know, you may release it and travel during your sleeping periods and there is no need to be concerned. You choose it. You choose IF, you choose when, you always choose. You will know me by the stardust streaming from my hands and the laughter resonating in my smile.

Take a hold of my hand. . . . . You're going to LOVE this soul flight. . . Take a slow, deep, breath. . . here we go. . . .

In love more than I can describe,

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