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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Are there Other Dimensions?
~by Shirl

On another site that I participate in, one of the members posed this thought to me and I thought it worth sharing his statement and my response with you. We were discussing the movie, "What The Bleep Do We Know?" If you haven't seen it yet, I would suggest that it is very worth while. It is a very professional and beautiful presentation.

"The thing that strikes me about dimensions is that I wonder if we aren't actually an instrument(organic) that can also be used to access these thingy's ,whidgits, whatyamacallit levels of inexplicable dimensional beingness."

Yes, you could certainly look at it that way. What we are, actually, is an energy consciousness currently focused on what we are doing dressed up in our skin suit. We are no less who and what we are whether we are perceiving ourselves as solid organic 3D beings wrapped in a skin suit, or some other form or seemingly formless presentation.

One of the analogies that worked most easily for me early on was knowing that we are in a holographic existence. . .thank you Star Trek and others for helping us understand holograms. While we are in the hologram it is the "most real" thing there is to us. We truly are defined by our collection of beliefs at any one time. There is no reality beyond our beliefs. If we can suspend our beliefs and be open to question and discover, it is then that we see more than the obvious. When we allow our beliefs to expand and change, we begin to explore other possibilities, other potentials. That's what the space between the atoms is. . .unlimited potential.

Because we have been taught and trained to think linearly we believe in things in a linear fashion, ie. . .3D dimension, 4th D, etc., etc. If we accept that there are dimensions beyond 3rd and 4th we often view them in our belief system as somehow being a strata or demarcation of such. In truth, the dimensions are more like softly colored layers of fog, in movement and intermingling in overlay all of the time. There is no requirement to go in step by step fashion from 3 to 4 to 5 to 6, etc. We interact with all manner of dimensions all the time if we allow it into our awareness. So it is not uncommon to be experiencing 3D and then 5D or 12 D, then 7D, or any other so described dimensional expression. When we have stretched our "presumed" human minds enough, we also understand that there is no need or even necessity to name or number these dimensions as they are intermingled constantly. How we perceive these interactions with other than 3D is by increasing our level and speed of energy vibration, and by allowing our former beliefs to fall away as we are open to the possibilities and potentials.

I've shared a few of my other dimensional travels with all of you here. They are as real as anything I do in 3D. (as an example: There is nothing but love) There is nothing I yet know of that will "prove" my travels, so I continue to describe the experiences I have, the feeling of them, the essence of them in hopes that it will convey some small part of what it is.

When we change our belief system and we expand our conscious awareness, we are open to all the potentials and possibilities that exist and will exist.

It took more than 200 years for the general population of humans to accept that the world was round, not flat. Beliefs are very strong things.



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