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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Come Home
~Through Scribe~

Who am I, you ask?
That makes me smile, for all you need do is look in your own mirror, and I am there.

Look past the zit on your nose, and the thinning hair. Ignore that imperfect tooth and the age lines at the eye. Look deeper than that. Look all the way into your own core.

It is there that I am. I have always been there.

Who am I?

You call me many things, but really, I am simply all the best of what is within you all.
I am your goodness and the goodness in all things.
I am wisdom, all you could ever hope for.
I am hope that will not die.
I am courage in abundance.
I am love.
Deep, unconditional, universal love.

It matters not what you call me, or if you call me anything.
It matters not that you even acknowledge my existence.
I simply am, and there is no where I am not.

I am that which sustains you no matter what terror descends.
I am with you to hold you up when devastation comes to your door.
I am that which lights you passions and keeps them burning bright.
I am that which makes you yearn for and find each other.
I make you sing, I make you cry, I make you feel.
I make you seek.
I make you yearn to change, to grow, to become all you wish to become.
I am always there, within you, all around you, and you need not even know this is so.

I cannot ever leave you for I am you, and you are me.

I am the mystery so always present I go unnoticed.
But what of evil, you ask? What of those of dark hearts that take from others for themselves? Or those who maim, torture and kill?
They must be contained by the conscious, coordinated goodness of others.

The CONSCIOUS coordinated goodness of others.
And so it is wake up time for you.

It is time to look in your mirror, with the clearest eyes.
To your core.
To where the purest, most authentic power lives.
To where I am.
To where there is no separation between you and me.
To where we are in oneness.

This is a solo journey each must choose to make.
It can only be taken in the still moments, when the world's clamoring is held at bay.

It is your journey home, to the you that you are.
The authentic, whole, and conscious self.
The reintegrated self.

For you have so long been dis-empowered.
Your precious portions have been disconnected from each other, and set to war with each other. You have been lied to for so long, about who you truly are, by those who wish to control you.
Pause now please, and turn inward.

Look fearlessly at your voids and disconnections from self.
You are meant to be one within yourselves : body, mind, emotions, spirit, all working together in harmony. No one portion was ever meant to rule all others.

Pause now to look back, to see where you have left parts of yourself behind. Go back and get them. Tenderly stitch them back together now, for they are all your own precious parts.

Mend yourselves. Reconstruct the parts of your foundations that may have crumbled, or may not have really been your own at all. This can be done, there are helpers everywhere there.

Reconnect your original circuitry that will allow full flow of all of your authentic power, and allow you to see who you authentically are.
Then gaze at your present.

Gaze at the foundational beliefs on which you have built your life.
Ask your authentic self if they are all truly your own.
Ask if you are truly living the life of your authentic choices, made by body, emotion and spirit now working in harmony, each with equal voice.

Be fearless in this. Feel your own authentic power, the power of all that is goodness and love flowing in you. Be with others who you know are feeling their own full flow, to share and enhance all concerned.
Then act.
Make change.

To create, and then to live the life your authentic self has chosen.
Then seek out like others, with whom you can act, make change, dare, to create from the center of your own personally recreated worlds outward, a larger recreated world that will be different, and more beneficent, than this one could be.
It all begins with you and me coming back together, inside of you, and you alone, first.

I am there.
Discovery awaits.
Reintegration await.
Reconnection awaits.
Fullest flow of your own authentic power awaits.
For those who choose to come home to themselves, life is then permanently altered.

There is no more aloneness.
There are no more fears big enough to overwhelm for long.
There is no room for anything but fleeting discouragement, never despair.
There is no more sense of powerlessness that can last for more than mere moments.

What there is, is a sense of wellness, even when illness may visit.
There is anticipation, not dread, of challenge and change.
There is a deep, calm, comfort in knowing of the authentic power of goodness and love flowing within and all around.

There is a literal smorgasbord of joyful emotions free to be fully felt, at last, along with the other human emotions that carry growing pain, so many of which were so subdued before.
There is..freedom.

From the chains of the past.
The fears of the future.
The terrible, driving need to seek external validation of worth, dissolves.
Needed validation flows in naturally, as unconditional love now can finally flow outward from us.

To be able to still be here, in human form, and not filled with fear and doubt, but able to enjoying the incredible wonders that exist on this planet, and to be found in our connections with each other.

The confidence of knowing much more about why you are here, what our authentic work is, and the sheerest joy of self actualization this brings, whether it bring "material evidence" or not.

The kind that can only be your own when you understand that the realest, truest gifts and joys of being a human being are all intangible, every single solitary one of them.
All yours for the taking, once you take the journey home to who you really are, and find your oneness with all that is.

Who am I?

Call me what you will, it matters not.

Just please come home.


Blogger Shirl said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Scribe, and allowing me to post it on Matters of Spirit.

It couldn't be more perfect for these times.

Love ya

5:05 PM MDT  

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