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Thursday, November 24, 2005

from Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron

Imagine…Imagine that the earth is you and that you are the earth. How do you feel?
What do you feel? Or, the question may be--Do you feel? The message we have for the coming year is feel and feel some more. As hard and as tough as that may sound considering what you have already witnessed in 2004/5, it is the key to the peaceful future of this world, and this galaxy, as well as all of humanity. Be in touch. Stay in touch.

Let yourself be touched and moved and moved to touch.
The One is wobbling. The One is you, all of you, inhaling and exhaling. The wobble is from the breath that is being taken in and then not released easily and quietly. You must release the breath, fully, and feel whatever it is that you are feeling, emotionally or physically, that you may be trying to keep in or hold back. So many are afraid, and have been hurt in so many ways. And so many that have felt helpless are now stepping up and reaching out. Trust- trust in each other and the inherent goodness and love in everyone…Trust in God. Trust in the fact that you are ONE. It appears that there are many souls on earth, which appear as well, to be outside of yourself.

In truth, You are they and they are you. ONE soul. Let that thought not be a source of discomfort or overwhelming inconceivability to you, but rather a place of inner comfort.
This coming year, as far as we can see, includes challenges on many levels for all. More collapses and more tears and frustrations, as paradigms are shifted and old suits of armor fall away from everyone's hearts. And for some, the falling away of the armor and subsequent wiping away of the veils of illusion from the eye(s), may be the biggest challenge. But realize..oh dear soul(s)..realize that with each step and each breath, God is creating a new existence through you, through your cells and your DNA.

All you have to do is FEEL--allow yourself to be hu-man, breathe, and move the energy that is already moving. Look, and really see what is and what will be happening even more this coming year. Don’t try and fight it, or continually turn away, or think that you are staying strong if you keep the proverbial stiff upper lip.
Be prepared for change-big change. And be prepared for some calmness as well around the middle of the year, as a respite and a readjustment period ensues, naturally. Be with the times of quiet as peacefully as you can, and not with a sense of doom and dread, wondering what will happen next. For as you focus on doom and dread, that is what you WILL, not only for yourself but also within the sphere of the ONE.

There will be others, who will bring forth more specifics and/or potential specifics about the coming year. We are bringing forth the awareness of the Balance point, which will help calm and stabilize the wobble, to all who read these words. The Balance point exists within you and the simplicity of its essence is created and defined by how each one responds to the changes already at hand. Change is here, no getting around it---so be with it, roll with it, feel the feelings and breathe fully and calmly as much as you can every day.

In…out…in….out…quiet…..calm…..peace…for as you are this energy, so is the energy of the ONE.
As the New calendar year arrives, in your time and space frequency, stay calm, stay in truth that you really do know that God is with you and with everyone, and that all is ok, truly. In human terms, the suffering that has already been witnessed has brought you to tears and through that truth of feeling, hearts have been opened. The heart is the gateway chakra for "as above, so below" or "heaven on earth", to be felt and experienced in the lower chakras.

The breath of God, which flows through the crown, bathes and awakens the lower chakras, as the heart's energies are embraced and allowed. All is evolving, and the human chakra system, the energy of who you are, that guides and directs the personality, knows the way home.
The roller coaster ride is here, and you are on it and with it. Let the external glamour of the ride that once enticed you initially, to fly off into the tornado's winds and the hurricanes rains. See the truth of what the roller coaster ride is really all about. Feel the truth. Let the winds and the storms and the toppling of mis-truth, strip the ego of its delusions.

The dream is being played out, just as it was dreamed, and REALIZE that the dream changer, is you.
Whenever you sleep, your breath slows, your heart rate drops and you enter into an inner awareness that feels so different from the up and around life you lead. There is peace there, and most everyone surrenders to it with pleasure. As you consciously breathe deeper and slower while you are "awake", you the dreamer, are very simply, changing the waking dream. Feel, dear soul(s) of love, just feel. Inhale and exhale deeply every chance you get. Feel the change that cannot be hidden from or runaway from. God is at hand and in hearts everywhere. God is at the helm of this beautiful roller coaster. Trust in that, and know that the track that the roller coaster is on will not collapse. It cannot, for it is created by love, and love is the essence of all that is. Ego is a part of the human ride and it serves a great purpose.

Many words in the human vocabulary were created from the ego's desires to stimulate fear and mistrust, and explain experiences from the ego's viewpoint. Let the words and the structures that either haven't collapsed yet or are in the process of collapsing be there, for they will soon disappear, but for now, see and feel them from another viewpoint. For once you see the ego for what it is, you are never the same, and your experience of the world is changed. Your self-identity changes as you remember the Source of All, the ONE.

You are all on your way home and that homecoming can and will be reached whether you are in the body or you leave it behind. Don’t let that be a stumbling block for you. By remembering God, remembering Love and feeling all of that more and more, home is coming to and through you, via the vibrations released and experienced in your own cells and DNA.

You are not the body--you are pure love and consciousness and the body is a path of experience to remembering that you are not that. And all of the earth and other governmental changes that have been and will continue to happen, serve to assist everyone. The life process, which encompasses birth, death, and every breath in between is Source, being itself.
Just breathe---in and out…..out and in……be life itself in its natural God state. We are close to each and every one. Feel us and reach out if you forget how to breathe. We are breathing with you, so lean on us any time.

With much Love, Reverence and Respect..
We are Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron.


Christine Bearse
Awakening Rainbows


Blogger SallyCat said...

Shirl - I think I need to spend a few weeks at your place. You have so much ethereal reach AND grounding it feels like you can teach my soul to fly and to dig my feet into the earth at the same time!

And I have faith that you and a few others know exactly what the contradictory statements mean!

Blessed Be

9:08 AM MST  
Blogger Shirl said...


Flying lessons are available at all times. . .(smile) And I would love to see you for a few weeks anywhere I am and any time.

what's a day without a paradox, eh?

Hugs and blessings

10:56 PM MST  

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