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Friday, October 21, 2005

The Angel Spoke:

You are the voice of the wind
That sooths all souls and clears
the movement of love within.

You stand within the feet
of unshakable strength in
power born of love unending.

Yours are the eyes that see beyond
into depths and places not
viewed by the many.

Yours is the heart that swells
within overflowing of beauty and
love not comprehended.

You are the One and the Many
the blessed of the blessed beyond
measure of any man.

Yours are the arms that embrace
the fearful and the fearless, the
heart that has room for all.

You have within your hands
the power, the glory, the beauty
incomprehensible of All That Is.

You are not forgotten nor
are you without our very presence
in this and every moment.

That which we are is in you.
That which you are is within us.
That which is All That Is - IS.

The Stars reside in your crown
The trees and flowers within your very
the birds sing within your smile.

There is naught to want or
seek after, ALL is within even
the spaces in-between what you are.

We hold you up to the glorious heights
from which you came and to which
you return,

In this you that IS, ALL are.
Spread forth your arms knowing
they are the arms of everyone.

The Beloved is within you.

~Archangel Ariel~
Through Shirley White


Blogger Lady Broadoak said...

May I, please, put this on my Blog?
It is SO beautiful.


1:45 AM MDT  
Blogger Shirl said...


You are welcome to use material here as long as it is atributed to the writer or chanel and you use a link back to their web site.

Welcome to Matters of Spirit. I hope you will return often.


1:02 AM MDT  

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