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Monday, August 14, 2006

~ by Shirl

When I returned home from the Life Changing Workshop, everything here that I had left behind for those 4 or 5 wonderful days was still here. Funny how that works. Same crushing debts, same reminders of heart break, same need to go to work everyday regardless of how I felt and the pain in my knees came back with a vengeance.

Over the next six months that inner angelic voice coached me, coaxed me, prodded me and pointed me in directions I could not seem to find a path to. But just about every month, I said with wide-eyed wonder, "Wow! I think I am finally getting what this 'Love' thing is all about. And then the next month it would be expanded and even more awesome. Every month a deeper understanding.

I kept feeling "pushed" to find or gather together other like minded persons also on their spiritual paths. I tried several means of doing that. Everywhere I looked or attempted, I ran into a brick wall. So when I would feel those "Angelic feet in my back" pushing me towards joining or gathering together such a group, I would just ignore it and say I have tried, there aren't any that I can find around here in small town Idaho, or I just don't know where else to look. (I could tell you how much I didn't like groups and I didn't join or form them, but you probably already have guessed that part.)

This went on from October through May of the following year. One day, actually it was May 11th, 2001, I got a huge shove from the angelic realms with this same old, now "tired" exhortation to join or find a group. In my sweet, irritated way I shouted out to them: "If you want this group so darn bad then YOU bring them to me. I have done all I know to do in order to find them. There are no avenues open to me that I can see. YOU bring them!" I was quite self-satisfied with my answer. Surely now they would leave me alone about this doggone group stuff.

May 12th, the next day, I was on the Internet visiting a spiritual message board that I sometimes went to peruse. I hadn't been there in at least 6 months and although I read some of the things posted there by various members, I seldom if ever commented or posted anything myself. On this day, there was a really cute and very humours piece posted about the "Clown Chakra." I smiled a lot. I laughed out loud. I just really enjoyed it. So I immediately sent off a thank you to the person that had posted it and told them they had made my day.

Almost instantly an email response came back. Full of information and questions. The person asked me if I was in Idaho, and if so, where in Idaho. At that time I had a local ISP service that ended in "" In two days I was switching to Earthlink as an ISP. She would not have thought to ask, perhaps, if I was in Idaho without the Idaho identifier. It seems she was in Blackfoot, a town just 40 miles S of me.

I didn't waste the opportunity. I responded with where I was and then asked if it wasn't time we formed a group of like minded people and got to know each other. Several emails, a few phone calls and 2 weeks later, we had our first get together with 4 people. Two weeks later we met again with about 15 people present. For two years we met once or twice a month and shared our varied backgrounds, and many skills and our knowledge with each other. What a blinkin miracle that was!! The timing was just exact, otherwise my now very dear friend Kebbie, would not have asked me if I was from Idaho as there would have been no obvious clues to such. I knew these people in my deepest heart from the moment we met. It was just amazing. And we had all different and very interesting backgrounds and many different skills to share with each other.

Within a month, the Archangel Michael was suggesting to me that I could allow his words to come out of my mouth, not just remain inside my head/heart and share them with those gathered at our little meetings. WHAT? WHO? ME? To that point, that was just about the scariest thing I had ever heard. I went to visit 3 of the people I was most closely connected with, feeling certain that they would pat me on the head and tell me with a smile and a chuckle to forget about it, which was very much what I wanted to hear. Kebbie laughed out loud at me! And said of course I should do it. I gave forth all the reasons I thought it was a preposterous idea, but she just laughed harder. I got the same treatment from Rosalie (a very gifted intuitive healer and reader), my how she laughed. In desperation I went to see Eva, a quiet, love filled and very wise one, she laughed too and told me to get over myself, just do it! Certainly not what I was expecting.

And so I began channeling or bringing forth messages from Michael and others in the angelic realms every month at our meetings. I think we may have already established that I am stubborn to a serious fault and can find the most difficult ways to do the most simple things. Rebellious to be sure. Michael is more diplomatic, he says I am "Not exactly a compliant one," and I think he enjoys his laugh at me a bit too much.

The week before each meeting, I would start worrying about the message. I thought the very least it would be helpful if I had some idea what it would be about. I would get nervous, doubtful of my place in this, why, what if no Angelic Being showed up to bring a message, then what? I made myself a wreck. By the day of the meeting I would spend most of the day in "meditative" conversation and association with the "higher realm" beings and ask for courage and help to be as clear a transmitter of any messages as I was able to be. In the evening, about an hour before we were to meet, I would have a wonderful peaceful calm descend on me and I would quite happily go about the great fun we had at those meetings and then bring forth whatever message there might be from whatever being wished to bring it to us. Most usually it was Michael.

In a few days I would be sure that I was somehow a fraud and if those messages were coming from Michael or others, what if I was coloring them or somehow messing them up. So I would listen to the tapes we made of the messages as I transcribed them to put on the Web Site we had. Listening was always stunning! I could feel the Angelic energy, I could feel the energy of Michael, I knew these were not my words. For a week or so, I would know, I would have not doubts. Then I re-enacted this scene all over again every month for several months. What I put myself through was ridiculous, and just plain silly. I finally let go of it, but not without a struggle.

What finally got through to me? these words: " It is NOT about you, dear one. It is about the message. It is not about you." The understanding of that was very deep. I finally got it. IT WAS NOT ABOUT ME! All or any who might hear or see the messages would use their own discernment to feel and know what was truth for them. They would feel the energies for themselves. They would decide what role or importance it may have in their lives or not. It was not about me.

There were many miraculous things that occurred over these months. As I said before, somewhere, I look for the miracles everywhere, in everything and it is no surprise then that I find them. I expect them. Michael asked us to fully open our hearts up to everyone. Holy Cow! Never saw so many scared people in my life. What? Whoa. . .that seemed impossible and I was one that had my doubts. You mean tear down all those walls that I have spent a lifetime building and reinforcing, you mean just open up my heart to everyone? Yikes! But after the miracle of bringing this group together in the first place, I made a promise to align my will with the will of the Creator and the divine plan. I promised to do and be whatever would most serve the highest and best purposes of all. So I had to tear down those walls and open up my frightened and bruised heart to everyone. I had to, I had given my word, my promise. So I did! Another beautiful miracle!

Unless and until you do it yourself, you will never know what a magnificent blessing it is to you and your life. Living with a fully open heart, allowing everyone in without exception and with out expectations. . .amazing thing that is. You are the one that grows and expands and finds the most exquisite joy there is to be had. You become so full of it that it pours out of you in ever greater abundance to everyone else. Truly amazing! I have no doubt many if not all of you here know exactly what I am talking about.

The meetings began in June, 2001. Miracles were everywhere. We loved, encouraged and supported each other like nothing any of us had ever experienced before. Awesome stuff! Michael had encouraged me to take a dozen roses to each meeting, and we had the meeting at different homes each month, most everyone took a turn. In December, Michael suggested I take pine boughs and White Roses. I agreed, but when I got to the store where I usually bought the roses, they had only one dozen White roses, and they were turning brown, petals curling, on their "last leg" you might say. So I stood in front of the cooler where the roses were asking why I couldn't take the beautiful Pink ones or the deep Red ones that were perfect? Now, I did have some thought as to what I might look like standing there by myself muttering quietly, arguing with the Archangel that the White ones were just awful but the others were beautiful. . .if anyone noticed, they were kind enough to ignore me, but it makes me laugh now to think what It must have looked like. I took the White ones and I didn't even get a discount on them. . .hmmmmm.

When I arrived at the home we were meeting in, I embarrassedly took the roses in and apologized for their condition, but placed the blame squarely on Michael, after all, HE insisted. The hostess just smiled and didn't seem to mind as she put them in a vase with water. In the 12 or 14 steps that it took from the kitchen to the living room, less than 30 seconds, something quite miraculous happened. Those brown crispy curling edged roses, those sickly straggling looking roses turned the most amazingly beautiful White I have ever seen. I was speechless. There was not one crisp brown edge on any rose, there was no drooping, faded rose in the lot of them. Twelve exquisite and perfectly perfect beautiful beyond description White, White, White roses. It still brings tears to my eyes to tell the story.

Two weeks later at the New years eve meeting 7 or 8 of us decided to have, the miracles continued. Since my knees had become so bad and not very functional 2 years prior, I never got down on the floor, because if I did, I knew I could not get up, even with two people helping me it was very difficult. That night, however, after a message from Michael, we were all very much in the spirit and one of the group, Kristin, was anointing our feet with oil. It was something she felt directed to do. Then as Kebbie was doing some Bowen Therapy energy healing on Kris, I got down on the floor without a thought and anointed her feet. When I was through, I got right up and walked across the room, almost to my chair when Kebbie and Kris both said, "Wait a minute. How did you do that?" It was as if all three of us became aware at the same instant that something had happened here. Not only did I easily get up off the floor by myself, I was in no pain and I was walking, not limping on the way to my chair. Wow!

Six months later, in June 2002 I was on a six mile trail hike in the Tetons with a soul-family group. Me! Me who had barely been able to walk. Me who even though limping along had been in unbearable pain several months prior. Prior to this New Years eve miracle I spoke of, I want you to know that at least 6 of the Reiki Masters in our group had done work on me and my knees over the months we had been meeting. At least two of the group had done Theta Level Energy Healing on my knees, and I had practiced in Theata healing to grow etheric cartilage to replace the missing physical. Little by little over the months there had been the lessening of pain and a bit more mobility. But what happened on New Years eve was dramatic and complete and long lasting, to this day.

During 2001, other friends would ask me why I wouldn't have the knee replacement surgery. I told them it wasn't necessary. My little "angel" group was going to facilitate the healing. My friends scoffed in disbelief, trying not to laugh too hard. Most said something about me being the most stubborn person they knew. They don't laugh now. At Theta level I can look down into my body and see the etheric "shock absorbers" that are in place where the cartilage would be if I had any. I smile. I am forever grateful. I am still the most blessed being in the Universe.

I could tell you endless miracle stories, but they will all or as many as I can put there, be in the book.

Our group met for two years until it was time for us each to expand out into greater realms of influence. We get together a few times a year or so and have a great party and wonderful spiritual family time together. We each have gone in our own direction as guided by our inner guidance and become the best version of ourselves we are able as we share our love, understanding and knowledge with those who wish to know, or care to ask.

I have intention to HUG every being on the planet. I am hard at it! What a great way to live. I am writing a book, and maybe I am writing two books. . .but the one I know for sure is, "Skating on the Edge of Infinity." Hope to finish it this year.

There is a lot more to the story, of course, but I have inundated you with enough of it.

For those who wanted to know why my partner of 8 years left without a word or explanation, here it is. I don't know in the 3D reality sense. I have never been given a truthful answer, plenty of sort of excuses, but no real answer. I have long ago forgiven and let go of it and have a "higher" understanding of it now.

Archangel Michael gave me the answer. And a more true answer there has never been. I would not have done the things that I have done since then. I would not have gone to the intensive training workshop, I would not have stepped out and stepped up to be in front of groups of people doing anything let alone allowing Angelic Messages to come forth through me and out of my mouth or off the fingertips of my hands, had there not been a change. Me and my flare for the dramatic! I would have to pick such a drastic one. My former partner was/is a most gregarious, outgoing, humorous, brilliantly intelligent, well read, capable person who never met a stranger. We were devoted to our spiritual work, our discovery of ourselves, our paths and our BEingness. If anyone in our family was going to be "out there" doing anything of a spiritual nature in public, it was not going to be me. I would have stood behind in the shadows strongly supportive, encouraging, and the number one FAN, but I would not have stepped out. I never even gave it a thought.

So Michael is right. Our partnership agreement had come to the point of growth. I chose it. I chose to grow. I would not have chosen it if the partnership had remained as it was. It was time for me to be about greater expressions of Spirit. So what I supposed was a tragedy, was my greatest blessing. I love my life and I love all those I have the honor and blessing to touch, meet and interact with.

It is the very best time to be on earth right now in this glorious NOW moment. Don't you love it?

Thanks for listening,
Blessings, Love and Hugs
to all


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