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Friday, February 24, 2006

Moments of Perfection
~ by Shirl

They come quietly, as if on tip toe. The moments of perfection do not seem to need a fanfare or exclamation point. It is a gentle inuendo that inserts itself rather wistfully into moments of timelessness.

The large white herding dog, Sundancer, is lying fully up against the front door on her back, feet and legs akimbo, breathing the deep breaths of sleep. Mandy, the calico cat is curled up on the seat of the cumputer chair, resting her head on paws curled inward, neither tail nor whiskers alert to anything.

I am comfortably nestled into my recliner, enjoying the aroma of African coffee sending ringlets of steam upwards from the cup. On my lap is Banger, the orange tiger stripe cat who is attentively waiting for me to tear small pieces from my buttered (no syrup) waffles and offer them to him. He spends a lot of his time outside, the hunter and protector of things and places. Perhaps because of those journeys into imgined jungles and tracking prey he feels it is his right to share my food with me.

He is very insistent about this. It is obvious that he expects his rights to be recognized and attended to. His paw reaches out gently, claws carefully sheathed, and takes a hold of my fingers as I attempt to feed myself the buttery waffels of this morning. He wants equality in the bites of food, lest I should be having more than the share he thinks is mine.

Even though this cat is intent on having his share of my food, there is such an air of calmness about him. In his inner being he is content and peaceful, quite satisfied with his place in things. I cannot help but smile as I watch him chewing the bits of food. While he eats his morsel, I sip the dark, rich coffee and feel the same calm and contentment. We are sharing more than waffles here.

The Day has begun with bright sunshine and the promise of 20 degrees more warmth than yesterday. I feel blessed and speak my gratitude to the unfurling day.
Could there be more pleasantness than this? Can there be more to be grateful for than this? A moment of perfection to be followed by more moments perfected each in their own way and scope of focus.

It IS well with my soul.


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