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Sunday, December 11, 2005

My View From the Stars

This is an amazing time of ever increasing vibratory energies. The swirl of it this past year has been sometimes confusing, often feeling paradoxical, and certainly ultimately transformative.

For many of us it has felt like a year of "no doing", a sense of no accomplishment in the old ways of measuring. Much of the time it has appeared that we are not here yet everything looks like here, it just doesn't feel like here. Those times have been interspersed with moments of truly soaring through the multiverse and the amazing places of being that are indescribable. The Ah Ha moments have been so subtle that we often have needed another to point them out to us. And as I say subtle I am feeling how truly deep and expansive these Ah Ha's have been. Simple. A simplicity of traversing the fields of energy within, of altering the landscape within, of adapting and rearranging our perspectives of everything has been an interesting next step of the journey.

Recently a good friend pointed out to me that all I had to do was accept it (and "it" is anything, or everything). Of course, like all of us, I understand that intellectually. . .but in that moment it hit my "KNOWER" and I metaphorically slapped my forehead and said, "well of course." Since that moment I have been busily accepting. Accepting wherever it is that I am in vibratory energy in the Universe, accepting that what I desire is what I have, accepting that I love the energy space I am in and I don't have to qualify it, analyze it, understand it, describe it, manipulate it, rearrange it, or defend it. All I was needing to do was accept it at the deepest levels and BE it. WOW! What a difference that has made. No more struggling with, the "but if I do that, then. . .", or where is it I am?, or how will I be able to do the 3d things, or any of those mundane and really silly questions. So mundane have the questions been, I have not really been very aware of them. They have been somewhat like a program running rather subtlely in the background. I run across fragments of them every day and now I just drop them immediately. There is nothing to be concerned about in this "here," wherever this here may be for each of us.

Remember the part about creating the new place in the new energy earth? Well now is the time for that. Simple little things that really begin with not placing any of it in the future but accepting it as the now. Not wishing for it, hoping for it, anticipating it, or trying to figure out how or when, just accepting that in your energy, in your being, it is. Wise words we were given several years ago: No agenda, No expectations, No comparisons, No need to know (in the intellect). The journey through those words and what the deeper understanding of their simplicity is has been one of our greater challenges. Of course I am laughing heartily at my obvious obtuseness. . .it is so very simple to just accept where I am and enjoy it, and allow it to develop around me and within me.

An extraordinary journey! I am so glad I chose it. May your journey be likewise Joyful and filled with Blessings.

Blessings and love,


Blogger glo said...

Hey Shirl!
I just finished reading Karens latest and what you wrote above. I understand it and live this kind existance also ..and at the same time, continue to be plagued by the same old concerns I've had about these messages from long long ago, (before I was ready to receive them on the frequency I am now able to.) I just can't shake them off. Porbably because I so well remember the consequences in my own life, of misinterpreting them, and in the lives of so many others that also mispinterpret them, from whatever state of psuchological vulnurability they may be operating from. I'm somehow sure you know exactly what I mean. I also con't know what I am writing about it again here..cuz theres not one single thing I can do about how others interpret things anyway!

I want to believe that misinterpreting spiritual messages, (or uncosciously distoring them) to mean what any one may need them to mean, (to justify unhelpul or harmful patterns in their lives,) isalso an intented jog people in the right direction... whatever.

Maye it's knowing, as I do, from so much unhappy experienece with some people who set themselves up as "spiritual leaders" (note: I am not referring to anyone in particular here at all) how much harm can be done, even form the best intent...if that leaders heart is not in a sufficent state of spiritual clarity itself. Personally, it was realizing how huge a responsbility it truely pass along spirutal information, through the filter of me, a mere, fallible mortal, that led me to mostly stop my work as a medium and a intuitive reader and writer on spiritual matters..pretty much anyway.

Do you share tihs struggle at all? Got and feedback to share?

10:50 AM MST  
Blogger Shirl said...

Glo, I sent you a longer email answer, but the messages is what you chose to do. You, my dear, are a Divne being in Human form, just as everyone else here is.

Send your worries and concerns off to the universe. They do not belong to you any more. Let go of them.

It is not about you. Take the You out of the equation. You are just a messenger, the more you bring forth messages, the more clear they will become. What any think of you or the messages you bring forth is about them. It is not about YOU.

Hugs and loves

10:51 PM MST  

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