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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Metatron - The Fulfillment of the Promise

Through Reniyah Wolf

My Beloved Ones, I greet you this day in eternal joy! Truly it is a day of great joy, no matter where you are on the Earth and what is happening around you. You have worked long and hard in service to the Light for your entire human lifetime.

No matter when it was that you may have officially awakened, you have been in service on planet Earth since your very conception in your mother's womb. At that moment of conception, an imprinting of Light coding within your DNA propelled
your destiny forward. Since that moment, you have been impacting the planetary consciousness of Earth, acting as conduits for the frequencies of Light. You have held the Earth and her life forms in your hands, as modeling clay, descending into human form from the highest Realms of Light.

Your task was that of uniting the Heavens and the Earth, restoring Earth and humanity to its Divine place in the cosmos.
Now, my Beloved Ones, your mission has been accomplished. The seeds of Heaven on Earth have been planted in your planetary consciousness and have taken root.

You may look around and say "What? It doesn't appear to me that the mission has been completed. The world's a mess and life is still a struggle". When you plant an apple seed, a tiny tree sprouts. You cannot immediately pick an apple from this little tree and eat it. You must give it time to grow to maturity before you can
pick the fruit. You may also wish to enjoy the experience of its growth unfolding, appreciating the different states of development. You have been planting seeds of higher consciousness within the Earth plane since the moment of your conception, in ways that you cannot yet comprehend.

The created reality of the Earth plane, or any plane, is not as it seems. Experiential reality is a complex cosmic dance of subtle energies upon which numerous points of individuated consciousness have agreed. In other words, countless numbers of individuated consciousness have agreed to have this experience which you call Earth life. It is also by this common agreement that the quality of the experience is determined.

The state of fear and oppression that has characterized Earth life for many millennia was also created by common agreement by individuated consciousness.
How, then, is it possible to change the collective experiential nature of life in the Earth plane? This is done by changing the common agreement. Once again you may question, because it does not seem that any two humans upon the Earth agree, much less more than two. How can a common agreement of individuated consciousness hold your reality in place? The higher parts of yourselves, on a level beyond your conscious experience, have agreed that this experiential construct known as the Earth Plane shall exist. Whereas in your world, an agreement constitutes a like opinion or a similar belief, in the higher frequencies of reality, an agreement is a level of frequency resonance.

This type of agreement has nothing whatsoever to do with opinion or viewpoint, but with the forces of creation. As the higher common agreement is held in frequency resonance, experiential constructs such as dimensions and planes can exist for you to play in.
So, my Beloved Ones, what you have been about accomplishing in your human incarnation has nothing to do with similar opinions or beliefs. It has nothing whatsoever to do with humans agreeing on a specific set of beliefs, common goals, or ways to accomplish those goals. The task has been to alter the frequency resonance of the Earth plane.

The frequency resonance is that common agreement of consciousness which establishes the nature of experience upon any given plane of existence. In that sense, you have been frequency modulators throughout your embodied lives upon the Earth. Your very presence here has altered the common agreement of which we speak and changed the frequency resonance of the Earth plane. You, living on Earth, opened the door for the cosmic Light which has been entering the plane for a number of years. Many of you know of this special purpose for which you were born into a human body during these times. You have not fully understood that purpose. You have, at times, become fearful and disillusioned because your outer world does not reflect the changes
you now know you came to catalyze. There seems to be no more common agreement than at any previous time in Earth history.

Perhaps it seems outrageous to you that Spirit is saying that the job is done.
I ask you to switch your viewpoint away from emotion and judgment and toward the scientific for a moment. Frequency modulation is a way to alter the waves of sound vibration in order to use them to convey information - words, pictures, music. Many of your technological devices operate through frequency modulation, such as radio, television, video transmission. The frequencies of the waves are adapted in order to convey specific information to the recipients.

The many of you will not know the exact science of frequency modulation, but neither is it necessary for you to know. You have been providing much the same function of frequency modulation in order to place new information in your planetary consciousness through the Light coding in your cells. You do not have to know exactly how that process has taken place. Just know that it has taken place. Just as a radio or television program cannot be taken back once broadcast, neither can the frequency modulation which has taken place in your plane be reversed. In that sense, my Beloved Ones, your task is complete. The channel is opened and established.

Now we'll return to the less technical aspects of your planetary evolution. Frequency modulation is only a part of the entire process, although a vital one which crease a gateway for the planes to merge. You have also been about the task of planting seeds, the seeds of new trees, which will bear new fruit. The seeds were cast forth with the sharing of information long hidden from humanity.

All knowledge that was once hidden and kept secret by those in power is now available to you. A seed of knowledge, however, is easily cast upon hard ground, where it cannot take root. The seed must be nourished with the waters
of experience. Knowledge, without the desire or ability to apply it, is as the seed cast upon the hard ground. You, my Beloved Ones, are the gardeners for the Tree of Life which grows in the new Eden of Earth. The Promise of the Redemption of Humanity has now been fulfilled in the planting of the seeds of higher evolution in your planetary consciousness. A promise, if given, must also be accepted by the recipients of its fulfillment. Then, the promise becomes a Covenant, a sacred common agreement which holds a reality in place. The promise of the redemption of humanity has now become a Covenant between the human race and Mother-Father God.

You are once again the Keepers of the Garden of Eden.
The seeds are just now beginning to sprout, my Beloved Ones, and your task at hand is to tend and nourish them by living the higher truth in thought, word and deed. The thought and the word cannot be fully realized without the deed. You will now become the living Covenant, my Beloved Ones. Hand in hand with Mother-Father God you shall nurture these seeds as they become tall trees bearing fruit for all humanity to eat. Now, in this your Earth year 2006, you are in the time of completion. Know that your redemption is at hand. The Christ returns to Earth and that Christ is the many of you.

You have seen many changes and much turbulence in your world in the recent years. I would not be truthful if I were to say there would be no more. Collective humanity has entered fully into a deep cleansing, by which it is taking full responsibility for that which it has created. While time as you know it is only an experiential construct, the events of your collective past, present and future are now being simultaneously cleansed and restructured to a higher frequency resonance. This is a process in which your very dimensional reality is being changed by your own thoughts, words and deeds, in co-creatorship with Mother-Father God. That which is no longer a fitting part of the new reality must be transmuted.

As your collective consciousness changes, seeks to evolve, those thoughts, words and deeds which no longer serve you will be continue to be made manifest. As humanity responds to the tumultuous events in compassion, love and understanding, rather than fear, judgment and condemnation, the roots of fear and oppression will be removed from the garden of Earth.
There will be swift and rapid change in your world and in your individual lives over the next years. At times it may seem that all is falling apart and complete chaos will ensue. Know, my Beloved Ones, that this is the weeding of the garden, co-created by you, as the gardeners. When the weeding is completed, the Tree of Life shall flourish and bear wondrous fruit.

The strength which enables you to continue nurturing the seeds you have planted lies within you. That strength is in the promise fulfilled and the Covenant which now exists between each one of you and Mother-Father God. Neither fear nor condemn the events of your world, but trust in this Covenant, and the infinite and unconditional love of Mother-Father God. You are the Anointed Ones without whom the Covenant could not be fulfilled.
The time for fear is now past.

The task, for each one of you now, is to become the Living Covenant between humanity and Mother-Father God; to replace your fears and questions with the joy of the promise fulfilled and the time of completion. My Beloved Ones, no humans have entered the Garden of Eden since the Fall of the human race. You shall be the first to return, and to once again care for and nurture the Tree of Life in its fullness of maturity. You are infinitely supported in this final portion of your journey back to the Garden, by Mother-Father God and the highest Realms of Light. Do not doubt, even
for a moment, that the promise has been fulfilled.

I AM Metatron
I AM With You Always, in Love.
Love and
Copywrite 2006


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