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Monday, February 20, 2006

Out of the Mind

On another site that I co-administer, one of the members suggested that the things we had been talking about, concerning letting go of the intellect in favor of knowing it first in our spirit-heart were not things in the main stream of our society. In response, I offered this information from the center of my understanding of my truth. There may be some that frequent my site here that will find it of interest.

In the normal course of things in our culture and society, these are not mainstream concepts. To set your analytical thinking and constant need or desire to figure everything out aside, would be or is considered "crazy." Those more aligned with what is considered the "logical" world would and do often have a difficult time with some of these concepts.

Anyone who has become familiar with meditation of any type, comes to understand that our overly busy minds often keep us from our more intuitive side, even keep us from expanding and growing our intuitive side. There are hundreds of methods of meditating. And each of us can and will find something that best suits our purposes. So there is no "right way" or wrong way to meditate. It need not take hours, it need not be of any specific structure, in fact it can be very easy and take only seconds. The purpose of meditation is what? To quiet the so-called logical mind so that you can connect to an altered state of consciousness. Whatever does that for you is the best direction for you to take. Why connect to an altered state of consciousness? To expand your perceptions and allow yourself a larger, more encompassing view of things.

The suggestions in the Soul Food Column I post are not my words, but rather messages quoted from energy beings not currently in the physical on earth, such as Archangel Michael, St Germain, Quado, Seth and any other number of Masters, teachers and higher energy beings. They are messages brought through highly intuituve, spiritual persons whom I either know personally and/or have long followed their work and find them to be highly trustworthy. It is merely a connecting to things of spirit.

I understand that many have strong reactions to or disbelief in non-physical energy beings such as Angels or ones given the title of Saint or Master or Avatar. My own experience with these non-physical energy entities colors my willingness to be informed by their messages. They are NOT associated with any religion, any philosophy, any organized group or groups. They are our energy family that reside in less dense higher vibrational fields of energy. We each have the ability to connect with them if we wish to. Some of us here on this site have and do. That does not make us special or higher or better than any other (or crazy either), it merely means we have become receptive. It is rather a responsibility than something that makes us noteworthy.

Some people call it "channeling." The term, however, has been misappropriated and misused to such an extent, it is not a term I like to use. Truly it means only a receptive chanel, vessel or conduit through which energy messages may flow. I prefer to call it Intuitive Messenger. It is like receiving a telephone call and writing or speaking what you are hearing from the other end of the phone line. Nothing spooky or scary about it. It is not about the receiver. It is about the message.

Guidelines that I always use regarding such material: If it feels right within my truth center (I know it in my knower), if it contains nothing negative or fear based, if it does not "command" but suggests or encourages one to some possibility, if it is Love based, then I am able to determine the truthfulness, helpfulness and possible growth it may offer me. Any message given you either directly or through some other that tells you you must do something, or the only way to do something is as they tell it, or tell you that something is right or wrong, most especially the only right way, it is not from highest wisdom. Your free will is paramount and sacred.

The final guideline is this: If any presenting such messages are looking for followers, RUN, don't walk to the nearest exit immediately. Only you know your path and only you choose your path, following others as a supplicant or initiate or disciple is not something in this NOW time that is for your highest and best good. Become connected to your inner knowing, and follow it earnestly! Practice and develop your discernment. It is a most important tool... If something does not feel like it fits to you, then set it aside and ask for validation. If it is later validated then incorporate it, if not, let go of it.

These are my views and suggestions. Use your own discernment.



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