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Saturday, December 16, 2006

What's Happening in Physics
~by Shirl

Charlie Rose on his nightly PBS program had Dr Randall as his guest tonight. Needless to say I was wowed, excited and dancing around the living room. I have also ordered her book as described below and can't wait for it to arrive. This unnatural love of physics of mine is pretty hard to explain for one so lacking in math and science skills, but somehow I seem to understand physics concepts easily. This should be an exciting read for me, as I've been well acquainted with the "theory" or knowledge of more dimensions for quite some time now. I just love it when my flights of fancy are caught up to by actual physics and science. . .I'm pretty excited about this stuff.

"Warped Passages
Unraveling the Mysteries of
the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions

~ Dr. Lisa Randall

The concept of additional spatial dimensions is as far from intuitive as any idea can be. In this lecture based on her new book, Dr. Randall employs creative analogies to explain how our universe may have many unseen dimensions. Randall works hard to make her astoundingly complex material understandable, providing a great deal of background for recent advances in string and supersymmetry theory. As coauthor of the two most important scientific papers on this topic, she’s ideally suited to explain these ideas. Although physicists do not yet know if there are extra dimensions a fraction of a millimeter in size, dimensions of infinite size, or only the dimensions we see, Randall shows how these theories will be tested in coming years.

Dr. Randall is a professor of physics at Harvard University and one of the leading theoretical physicists in the world today who works on string theory, particle physics, and cosmology."

What follows is the review by the New Yorker Magazine:

"From The New Yorker:
Randall, a professor of physics at Harvard, offers a tour of current questions in particle physics, string theory, and cosmology, paying particular attention to the thesis that more physical dimensions exist than are usually acknowledged. Writing for a general audience, Randall is patient and kind: she encourages readers to skip around in the text, corrals mathematical equations in an appendix at the back, and starts off each chapter with an allegorical story, in a manner recalling the work of George Gamow. Although the subject itself is intractably difficult to follow, the exuberance of Randall's narration is appealing. She's honest about the limits of the known, and almost revels in the uncertainties that underlie her work—including the possibility that some day it may all be proved wrong.
Copyright © 2006 The New Yorker"

I'll give you all a holler when I've read the book which I am eagerly awaiting from Amazon.


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