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Monday, July 23, 2007


Sunday is such a great day to go flying, not that I am so sure I have much ability to differentiate Sunday from all those other named days that lead or follow it into the ethers.

It is for certain that I can FEEL Sunday. . .and I have had whole weeks of Sunday from time to time.

Having said that, I set my windsails, perched upon the nearest spot of higher perspective and allowed the billowing colors of music and light to lift me up and into the places other than here, yet deeply within here all the same.

Soaring was wonderful in the early hours. Effortless. Today's soaring was filled with a bit of quiet and wonder-amassed gentleness. Swooshing and lifting within the music of the spheres. As I dipped one arm or wing or sail as perceived, and circled slowly and luxuriously into the depths of an inviting energy, I was caught up quite fully and irresistibly into a whirlpool of LOVE-LIGHT. As these things are, the whirlpool here is an upward spiral, drawing up rather than pulling down. I became a stillness in the ocean of color, sound and light that held me aloft. Suspended in Love. Suspended. All things within their realm expanding and showing forth amazing beauty.

As it does, my heart-soul center swelled and was filled beyond capacity with the flowing abundance of its inpouring. As it does, it spilled out and overflowed into the everywhere, splashing and showering onto and into the everyone. The love tears made wonderful streams and waterfalls as they traced their paths down my cheeks. Again, I thrust my arms wide open as far as they could go in order to allow it all in and to bless the overflowing cycle out to every other pilot and passenger aloft and about and beyond, especially those who haven't yet thought that they would fly.

Beyond language are my thoughts and words to you. . .Dance in the waterfall of Love that is pouring out to you and you will see, hear, touch, taste, feel it as I do. . . Know that in your stunning beauty of soul/spirit/heart, you leave me filled with the blessing of you.



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