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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Come Fly With Me

It has been a while since I have invited you all to come soaring into the universe with me. . .if you wish to come along now, please do.

We are just going to the top of that lovely mountain over there. Yes, that beautiful one you see. The purpose of our going there is just to get the grand view of things. And as you envision us there on the mountain top you are aware that it took no effort or skill to get here. There was no climbing or traveling of the physical body necessary to come here. Wonderful how that works, isn't it. Just a delightful pulse of the universe and here we are.

Let me point out some things of interest to you from our higher vantage point. Look first at the blueness of the sky and the wispyness of the white clouds that have no concern how they display themselves in the sky as they move on the currents of wind. There is an energy there in the clouds and the sky, bathed in the brilliance of a sun drenched canvas, breath it in, let it permeate your being fully. And what is it that it feels like to you? And in taking in that feeling are you not aware of your gratitude and appreciation of its beauty and energy? Of course you are. Hold on to and expand that feeling of appreciation. We are going to take it with us.

The mountains fall away to the forests, valleys and lakes. Aren't they magnificent in their beauty. Don't they fill us up with a joy and feeling of appreciation? Then let us expand that feeling again and take it with us.

Even in our cities and crowded places there are many things of beauty to behold. Let us look at them in that way. Let us appreciate the structures and active movements that are contained within our cities. All the things that these concentrations of buildings and peoples afford us and bring to our experience, let us appreciate the best of what they offer.

Look around at the throngs of people. Aren't they amazingly magnificent in their going through of their day to days? There they are, regardless of what their personal circumstance may be, doing their best to live within their space of the life and reality they have created for themselves. The variety and diversity of humans is phenomenal. They bring us so many gifts, even if the gift they bring is showing us what we don't want to experience so we have a more clear and focused picture of what we do wish to experience instead.

Regardless of what perspective we are currently choosing to view things from, we will absolutely see and experience what we focus on. We can look around us and see pain, suffering, anger, deceit, despair,or we can choose to see and focus upon all that is the best presentation of humans. The generosity, the kindness, the helpfulness, the love, the caring, the outstretched hand offered to another, the laughter of children, the joy of accomplishment, the beauty of each and every one, we can choose these things as our focus.

We will see and experience exactly what we focus on. And when you focus on the inherent goodness and love and beauty you will begin to feel the deep gratitude of that experience.

So our "flight" today has been about gratitude. About appreciation. Seeing everything around us a gift of great value and import. And at some point, if you choose it, you will be absolutely overwhelmed by your gratitude, just as I am today. Focus on it, it will come.

It is so delicious and so amazing in its filling up of our being, I encourage you to use your gratitude every chance you get. If you look for things to appreciate, you will find them.

I am grateful you came along with me today. You restore my faith and trust in all that is around and a part of me.

Blessings and hugs


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