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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thoughts on Finding The Positive
~ By Shirl

A Letter to a friend wanting to change her negative thought process.


I am more fabulous everyday. Still the most blessed being in the Universe.

And there is a reason for that. . .this happens to be my favorite topic, so forgive me if I ramble on a bit here.

I am not specifically aiming these remarks at you, but your emotions and concerns strike a chord with things I have learned over the years of my life.

My "evolution" began with the knowledge, maybe even the absolute stubborn determination that no one anywhere ever was going to see me as a "Victim." It was not a role I was willing to play.

There comes a time in each of our lives when we have to choose who is in charge. Am I going to be in charge of my life and times or am I going to hand that over to others? Am I going to define who it is that I am or am I going to allow others to tell me who I am? Who is responsible for me and who I am becoming?

Even as a child I didn't like anyone telling me who I was or what I should be doing, so that one was definitely out of the question. That doesn't mean that I didn't try to measure up to others expectations of me, or often think I "should" be this or that or I should be doing this or that. I went through it too, just as most all of us do. I cared what others thought or said about me.

Here's the truth: Each of us is responsible for our own lives and our version of reality. The first time I ever considered that concept I will have to admit that it totally pissed me off. I was sure that I would never have created the mess, pain and difficulties in my life that I had experienced. That's just plain stupid, I thought. I thought of every "yeah but. . ." that I could possibly come up with. The stunning truth of it was that there are no yeah but's anywhere that can hold water. It was (and is) a process, but bit by bit I began to move away from blaming anyone, especially myself for circumstances that I felt made my life unbearable at times. (and this came to my knowing when I was quite a few years older than you dear heart)

The simplest explanation of the Law of Attraction is that we get what we focus on. WE GET WHAT WE FOCUS ON! He has, she has, they have so much and I am struggling for so little. What the Universe hears and sees is the I have so little. Oh. . .she is focusing on having so little, lets keep that going for her.

The first step in focus correction and the foundation of Law of Attraction for bringing forth the things we do want is GRATITUDE. GRATITUDE for what we have. Make the list. Write it out (preferably), speak it out loud, run it through your thoughts like an unending tape. Pick different things at different times or review them all every day, but be grateful for the amazing abundance that you have in your life. Stop now and forever more comparing yourself and your life to any others. There is no comparison that matters, ever.

This is a partial list of what comes to mind when I say I am the most blessed being in the universe:

I have so much in abundance that I continually am looking for things to give away.

I have a warm, comfortable place to live.

I have so much food it sometimes goes to waste before I can use it.

I have adequate transportation (my car) that is reliable and serves me well.

I am surrounded by loving, caring and generous people who have my best interests at heart.

The universe supplies my every need.

I am filled with wellbeing, physical, mental, emotional and in every way exceptionally healthy.

I am in awe of the beauty that surrounds me. It is an extraordinary gift.

The green blade of grass is so amazingly beautiful I love the feel, the look, the smell of it.

The beauty of the flowers is so joyous I can gaze upon them endlessly and be filled with peace and serenity.

The trees are awesome in their stature, their strength, the beauty of their leaves, the texture of their bark, the over arching of their limbs that bring me shade from the heat.

The cats and the dog that share my home with me are a source of great pleasure and love for me.

All of the creatures that occupy this earth are beautiful and enchanting to behold. I so love the opportunity to have them in my life in any way that they come.

The universe loves me so much it continually supplies me with the beauty and joy of this life experience.

I am loved.

I am special (we all are, you know)

I have so much and I am so blessed.

I look forward every moment to the next wonderful opportunity the universe will bring me.

May my eyes and heart be open to those opportunities and the ways that I might best serve them.

I am Fabulous!

I feel Fabulous!

I am the most blessed being in the universe!


I start each day while I am drinking my coffee asking the universe to bring me the opportunities to best serve my highest and best purpose today. And saying "I am so grateful for the abundance of blessings I have." That's it. But throughout the day I notice things. I notice the birds singing and I stop for a second and listen, then smile and express my love for the part they play in my life. Every time I go outside, I notice the trees, the flowers, the grass, the bushes, the clouds, the sunshine, the rain, the snow, the breeze, the wind, the smells of sagebrush and fresh earth being turned by the nearby farmers. I notice. I speak my appreciation of it. My gratitude. I love it!

I bless and am blessed by the people and things I interact with everyday. Regardless of how that interaction may appear, I understand that there is something of value here for me. That is what I look for. Some of the most seemingly objectionable people or incidents in my life are actually blessings of bringing me to a new and expanded understanding of things. I don't take ANYTHING personally. I understand that everyone is just where they are along their path. It doesn't make me better, smarter, worse, or more or less caring, it is just what is. I love them for who I know they truly are that they have not yet realized. We are all, ALL of us a work in progress.

Fear, anger, resentment, struggle, regrets, negative, discouragement. . .and all the other things of that genre come from a place of feeling, "I am not worthy."

Most important thing to understand is EVERYONE is worthy. Without exception, everyone is worthy of love, acceptance, encouragement, praise, abundance and all of the blessings of the universe. Everyone. Even you. Even me.

When we struggle against anything, when we have resistance to anything, we are not a vibrational match for all of the wonderful things and attributes we want in our lives. When we begin to express our gratitude for the things we want by thanking the Universe for already bringing them forward into our lives we are in alignment to receive those things.

"Thank you for bringing me the new _______(house, car, job, lover, abundance. . .whatever it may be) I am so happy to see it manifest in my life."

Then let go of it! Stop thinking, but I don't have it yet, when is it coming, I still don't have it. . .every time you do happen to think of what you are wanting it cannot be from a place of not having it. It must be from an appreciation of the universe supplying it to you. Do not put restrictions on the universe. Don't tell it how and when to bring it to you. As soon as your energy lines up with it, it will appear. As soon as it energetically is a match with you and your purpose, it will come. As long as you notice you are lacking it, it just cannot show up in your life because you are focused on the lack.

Oh, it will be so wonderful when the universe brings me _____________ (whatever it is you are wanting). I am so grateful. I am so blessed!

Now here is one that will have amazing benefits.

I am so grateful that my ex seems so happy in his new situation. I am so grateful that he is experiencing abundance and well being.

I am so grateful that everything that I desire in my life is coming forward to bless me in this very moment. I am so grateful that I have a brand new experience of life and love and new people and places that will fulfill me in every way. I am so grateful that I am so blessed! I am so blessed! I am the most blessed. Thank you!

I am worthy of all the blessings and abundance in the universe! ( say this one statement I am worthy everyday at least 3 times a day. Start your day with it. If you were as weird as I am you might find yourself saying it over and over and over again under your breath all day long for a few days).

That's Shirl's short course. . .see how blessed we are I didn't go into the longer version of it! LOL!

I love you deeply and eternally. I see more of you than you see and you are most worthy of all blessings forever more. You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are gifted with some very special attributes. You are appreciated. You are loved. You are loved beyond anything you can comprehend.

I appreciate and love having you in my life,
Thank you for all that you bring to me,
Hugs, smiles and unending love,


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