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Monday, December 14, 2009

from Shirl

What does it mean? This 12:12 and the 12:21, what do they mean?

What is it that is inherent in these elegant and exquisite energies?

We have benefited from many messages the past few weeks that have talked in detail of the various components of the energies. Read them again, or recall them in your mind/heart. Consider what has been offered for our understanding.

Then know this: The over-lighting theme of all the layers contained within these energies is TRUST.

You must have and maintain an overwhelming trust of your knowing. What you know at your deepest knowing is not those multitude of facts and figures and emotions of the intellectual mind. You know only from your heart center. What is contained in your intellect is extraneous. This can be very difficult for many to grasp, let alone willingly shift to the place of knowing rather than rely upon the intellectual mind. It is counter to all that we were taught and all that has been described to us as the way we must be here as humans.

Knowing comes from our connection to higher energy, to higher-self, to creator source. If we have done the work of self-examination, of learning who we truly are, we are able to open our arms and hearts to deeply love the truth of who we are. From love of self comes all love. From Love comes all knowing.

There are no steps one through 12 that we must take, no incantations, no rituals, no ceremonies necessary. When we KNOW from our hearts and we TRUST that we are who we are whatever we envision is possible and does indeed manifest into our now moment.

What I was told: Forget everything you ever learned about spiritual concepts, ways and means, rites, rituals, and steps. Forget everything about everything. . .that the earth turns on its axis, that the sun rises in the East, that gravity holds our physical presence on this planet. . .everything. Move into your heart so you may KNOW.
Follow your knowing. Understand that possibilities are endless and potential is limitless. There is nothing that is actually linear. Erase your concerns with the concept of linear "time." For you hold all the answers and all the keys and all the limitless power to create when you trust your knowing.

We came here with one over-riding mission, to EXPERIENCE life as a physical being. OF course we had other important things that we wanted to do here, to help with here, but basically it has all been to experience and expand consciousness. We already know how things truly work and how to make whole that which appears to be damaged. It has ever been a work of remembering. A work of trust. It still is.

Remember who you are. Know that YOU are the Divine Being that you truly are. Then act from that place of Love and knowing and the miracles will encircle you. You are indeed MAGIC! You have what those of this world consider magical powers and presence. It is just the manifestation of your true self. Use it knowing that it is there and available. There is no need for an instruction manual. You already know. If you do things from your heart, if you listen to your own inner guidance, you will actively create the outcomes you desire. You cannot "think your way" through it, but you can accomplish all things miraculous if you just KNOW. If you TRUST that you Know.

It is all about TRUST. It is all about LOVE. It is all about Knowing.

Do not diminish your divine power by questioning it. Trust.

Blessings of love


Blogger tampopo said...

Shirl - It has been a while since I took the time to visit a variety of sites, including yours. My experiences of late have been rather scary -- a real wake up call. Reading through various texts today I found a common thread. And here, I discover you have written a piece that adds another dimension to that theme: TRUST.


11:25 AM MST  
Blogger Shirl said...

Hi Tampopo

Lovely to see you visit here. Yes, the wake up calls are keeping all the circuits busy these days. The opening of the 12:12 vortex has really brought forth enormous energies. Things can often seem very confusing and overwhelming.

This entire past year (and longer) has been all about releasing EVERYTHING and EVERYONE that no longer serves our higher good and purpose. I re-affirm it every morning: I release all things that no longer serve my highest good and purpose. And so it IS.

Releasing is an interesting process. We are brought many as yet unresolved issues from our past and present, sometimes from very long ago to review and take another look at and then release. Sometimes they are even issues related to other or past life experiences. I know some of the things that have been brought to my awareness have been quite surprising in that I was not aware that I was "holding on to" anything related to what has been brought to my attention.

This is work on a very deep level. Some of these issues with past experiences are very surprising.

If you would like to discuss further what is "rather scary" in your experiences, please feel free to write me an email or contact me by phone. I will be more than happy to discuss things with you and perhaps change the "scary" aspects into something less dramatic.

Thanks for stopping by.

Blessings, Hugs and Loves

11:40 AM MST  
Blogger tampopo said...

Thanks Shirl. E-mail sent. And a Happy New Year!

12:27 PM MST  

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